How to Control Your Internet Footprint (And Why)

Have you ever Googled your name? And instead of your page of results, you get an unflattering result, revealing your public internet browsing history. Perhaps you’re more concerned about hackers tracking your web-browsing habits. Maybe you were horrified after learning how easily your refrigerator RFID tag reveals your email. Or perhaps you’re frustrated that companies can spy on you using […]

What Is CBD Isolate Used For?

If you’re an entrepreneur, you might be considering adding cannabidiol or CBD to your product line. You’re not the only one. For the past two years, businesses have been adding the compound to everything from beverages to mascara. Even the fitness industry has gotten in on the action with CBD for running and workout recovery. Be sure to read our […]

A Career Guide to Becoming a Personal Trainer

Are you interested in a rewarding career as a personal trainer? Personal trainers are some of the best-loved public figures. Their roles as consultants and motivators help people make positive life changes. If you love being active and helping others, this could be the career for you. But it takes years of intensive work and study to become a personal […]