3 Problems Homeowners Will Encounter With an Old Furnace

Your home’s furnace is a crucial part to your family’s comfort, and it must be in tip-top shape. If your furnace is on its last leg, it’s time to consider replacing it.

However, before you head to your local home improvement store, it’s good to know a few potential problems you’re likely to run into with an old furnace.

You might encounter issues with a furnace installed decades ago. Knowing how to tackle these problems before you replace your furnace will help you save money by troubleshooting them yourself.

Read on to learn about common issues homeowners have with their furnaces.

1. No Heat or Insufficient Heat

No heat or insufficient heat from an old furnace can be a major issue for many homeowners. When air is not being heated properly, warm enough air to reach the desired temperature in the home becomes a challenge.

Homeowners can find that the part of the home near the furnace is always warmer than others or cold air escapes from the vents. This issue is brought on by aging specifically. Wear and tear of the furnace will cause the parts to lose their efficiency leading to a decrease in the air being passed through.

If left unattended the furnace can become locked up due to corrosion to the parts and further create safety concerns. Homeowners should ensure that they regularly maintain their furnace by conducting preventative maintenance to avoid encountering the issue of no heat or insufficient heat.

2. Furnace Frequently Cycles On and Off

Problems homeowners will encounter with an Old furnace frequently cycling on and off are poor equipment performance and expensive utility bills. If a furnace is experiencing frequent cycling, it means the thermostat and the furnace are not communicating properly.

This can result in inefficient heating and cooling, as the system is forced to frequently turn on and off to reach the desired temperature. The interruptions in sequence also lead to higher energy bills, as more fuel is consumed rather than used effectively.

There also may be a risk of parts wearing down quickly due to excessive cycling. To mitigate this issue, homeowners should frequently inspect their furnace system and have furnace repair as necessary.

3. Blower Runs Constantly

When a furnace blower runs constantly, homeowners can experience a number of issues that may be difficult to fix without the help of a professional. Heat not working correctly, higher energy bills, and worn parts are all common furnace problems homeowners may encounter with a blower that runs constantly.

Higher energy bills may also be a result of the blower motor running constantly, as it is increasing the furnace’s energy consumption without providing any useful output.

The worn out parts may eventually lead to other major problems if the furnace is not fixed, as dirt and dust can damage and corrode the blower motor even more quickly. Homeowners must be proactive to handle this problem, as it will not fix itself.

Explore Problems Homeowners Will Encounter With an Old Furnace

Our homes are important investments, and having a properly functioning furnace is essential for its maintenance. Unfortunately, issues arise as an old furnace age, so be vigilant when yearly furnace check-ups come due.

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