5 Incredible Benefits of Living Green Walls

Of all of the interesting interior design trends to come out of recent years, none are as unique or as beneficial as a living green wall.

Apart from looking good, these lush vertical gardens also come with a plethora of added benefits that make them well worth the install cost and upkeep.

Are you thinking about installing a living wall but aren’t sure whether it’s the right choice for you? Allow us to convince you. Here are five of the best benefits that come with installing a living wall.

1. Keep Your Cool

While a living wall may seem like one of the more outlandish interior design ideas out there, it’s not without its practical benefits. Did you know that a living or green wall can naturally decrease the temperature of a room?

Anyone who’s ever wandered into the woods on a warm day understands the difference a few plants can make when it comes to temperature control. Plants absorb a lot of sunlight, which means the heat from those rays isn’t getting bounced back into the room. So, by adding a living wall to your space, you might find you don’t have to run your air conditioner as much — which could save you a good bit of cash!

2. Breathe Easier

It’s no secret that adding one or two potted plants to a room can do wonders for air quality — so imagine what a whole wall of plants could do!

Apart from producing oxygen, plants are natural air filters. So, adding a lot of plants, say an entire wall’s worth, could help improve the air quality in your space.

3. Quiet Down

Is your home or workplace a little too loud? Does sound carry easily and echo off almost every single surface?

Apart from absorbing sunlight, a living wall can also absorb sound. Think of it as a piece of foam board — the surface of a living wall, even an artificial one, is soft. Because sound vibrations cannot bounce off of soft surfaces, having a large soft surface can drastically reduce noise pollution in an area.

4. Easy Decorating

Trying to figure out decor ideas for a large empty wall is daunting. But, with a living wall, you won’t have to worry about trying to fill up a blank space ever again.

A green or living wall is an excellent way to cover a blank expanse with something beautiful and captivating. Who needs a gallery wall when you have a private vertical Eden?

5. Chill Out

Finally, one of the best upsides to going green with a living wall is that it can affect and improve your overall well-being.

Studies show that humans really, really like plants and the color green — it’s in our nature. Surrounding ourselves with leafy greens can help decrease stress and actually make you more productive.

The best part is you don’t even need to dedicate yourself to the care and upkeep of an actual living wall to reap this particular benefit. Your body will have the same reaction to artificial living walls as it would to a real one.

Going Green with Interior Design Trends

Now that you know how installing a living green wall could benefit you, all that’s left is to decide where you want to put yours.

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