5 Reasons Why Women Should Consider Thigh Holsters

If you’re a woman carrying a gun for personal defense, there are many reasons to consider a thigh holster.

Thigh holsters are great for women because they allow you to clear up space around your waist while keeping your weapon close to your body. These holsters come in many styles, from leather to polymer-injected fabric (and even hybrid!).


A concealed thigh holster is an excellent option for women who want to carry a small caliber handgun while remaining hidden. These holsters are comfortable to wear and don’t leave any visible evidence of your concealed weapon.

A good thigh holster womens is designed to fit the contours of your leg and stay securely in place. It should also be made from a durable and soft material against your skin.

Thigh holsters, also known as drop leg holsters, have been around for decades and are used by law enforcement and the military. They are also popular with open-carry gun owners and for tactical training.


Thigh holsters are an excellent choice for women who want to carry a concealed firearm without drawing attention to it. These holsters hide beneath skirts and dresses, allowing you to wear what you like without worrying about someone noticing you’re armed.

The best thigh holsters place the gun at hand level and free up space on your waist, making it easier to draw from a seated or prone position. Some models are also designed to allow you to carry spare magazines, which can be helpful for quick access.

If you’re considering thigh holsters, pick one that is comfortable to wear and secures well to your leg. A holster that flops around or comes loose can impede your draw and make it difficult to reach your pistol.


Thigh holsters, also known as drop leg holsters, rest lower than hip holsters and may make it easier to reach for your firearm. This can be especially helpful during hostile interactions, such as a gunfight.

While a thigh holster can be convenient, it may offer less protection than a chest holster. It is also more susceptible to snags from fences or hooks.

In addition, it is difficult to quickly and efficiently draw from a thigh holster because the pistol is not in front of your face. Officers who must draw their sidearms soon on the run can be problematic.


More and more women are exercising their second amendment rights to carry firearms. As a result, more manufacturers are producing holsters specifically designed for women.

When shopping for a thigh holster, look for one with the features you need and is easy to use. Also, read customer reviews to find out how the product worked for others and if there were any problems.

Depending on the style of dress you are wearing, some thigh holsters can cause chafing. This can be addressed using a holster made of slick material.


A thigh holster is comfortable for women, especially with dresses or skirts. It’s also an excellent choice for women who prefer to carry their pistols concealed.

Thigh holsters are designed to sit high on the thigh and be secured by straps and sometimes belt loops. They are ideal for concealment or open carry and make drawing your firearm quickly in an emergency easy.

Thigh holsters are also more secure and easier to access than a traditional hip holster, so beat officers and military personnel commonly use them. However, they can be cumbersome and may not work well with specific clothing or materials.