5 Simple Energy Efficiency Tips for Homeowners

With many changes in our world’s environment, it’s more crucial now than before to start caring for the environment.

Unfortunately, it can feel overwhelming to get started. From common changes to the life-changing shifts you can make, it’s helpful to find tangible ways to help the environment.

Narrow it down, and start with your home. Creating an energy efficient home makes a difference in the environment and your wallet! Read on to learn five energy efficiency tips to get you started.

1. Replace Your Bulbs

One of the energy efficient ideas is to swap out your lightbulbs for energy efficient LED bulbs.

This small change can save you around $225 a year on your electric bills. These LED bulbs use up to 90% less energy than regular light bulbs and last 25 times longer.

Since lighting makes up a large portion of the energy consumption in the country, switching to a more environmentally friendly option makes a significant impact.

2. Change Out Your Screens

If you haven’t heard of solar screens, they might be among the best eco-friendly tips for your home. 

These screens block even more sun from your home, giving your air conditioning unit a break to extend its life. Solar screens offer 80-95% of sun blockage without blocking your view of the outside.

Invest a small amount into these screens on the front end to reap savings over the years of owning them.

3. Add a Smart Thermostat

When it comes to saving energy, one tangible change you can make is changing out your thermostat for a smart thermostat.

Smart thermostats can learn about the patterns and routines of your household and respond accordingly. This technology can turn on and off your system depending on when you are occupying your home.

If your AC or heat runs even when you’re away, you might consider switching your thermostat to save you energy costs on your electric bills.

4. Consider Solar Panels 

Make a significant change in energy efficiency for your home, and install solar panels.

Solar panels are beneficial for your wallet and the environment with pollutant-free and clean energy. Panels are easy to maintain, last a long time, and allow you to see a return on your upfront investment.

5. Shut It All Down at Night

Other energy efficient ideas involve eliminating phantom power consumption, or unused energy, including power cords, chargers, TVs, and appliances.

You can purchase programmable power bars to shut down many of these energy vampires when they are not in use to save energy and money. Think about all you have plugged in within your home, and you will realize the amount of unused electricity present.

Energy Efficient Tips to Impact the Environment and Your Budget

Making changes toward an energy efficient home doesn’t have to be expensive or painstaking. Even the energy efficiency tips that require an investment upfront save you money in the long run. Consider how you can impact the environment and your electric bills with these tips.

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Infographic Provided By Residential Solar Financing Company, Sunburst Solar