Latest Dining Room Trends Homeowners Are Loving

6 Latest Dining Room Trends You’re Going to See Everywhere in 2022

For a lot of families, the kitchen is the heart of the home but the dining room is a very close second. This is the place where you can sit down to eat those home-cooked meals, work on homework projects, and just spend time together at the end of a long day. 

A dining room is a unique opportunity to design a space that might be a little out of your normal look because it’s not as high traffic as other areas of your home. It’s a room where there really are no rules and you can try out whatever style you’ve been dying to see in your home. 

We’ve got our eye on these dining room trends we think everyone should incorporate in their spaces! 

1. Casual Feeling 

In the past, many people (especially kids and teenagers) have avoided dining rooms because they have all had such a formal feeling. It’s been only the nicest china, white carpets, and the overall feeling like you can’t spill or breath too hard in there. Luckily, things are changing and those feelings should be long gone by now!

Dining rooms have taken on a much more casual vibe, even if they are the formal eating area of the home. 

This means the seating options are more comfortable, the style is more modern and less traditional, and the art is more conversational. Overall, the design choices are being made to bring everyone together instead of putting off a vibe of perfection. It’s a much more approachable look. 

2. Make a Statement 

Casual doesn’t mean things can’t be bold though. A dining room is a perfect place in your house to make a statement if you’re going to, especially since most are situated in a visible but not central location. 

Focal walls have been a popular design choice for several years now but designers are choosing to go bigger and do the whole room as the statement instead. That means painting every wall in the dark moody color, adding printed wallpaper throughout the space, or another shocking choice. 

The key is making your bold statement something you can play the rest of your design choices off of and still have the whole space feel cohesive. You want one star with a lot of really great supporting actors along to help. 

3. Multi-Purpose 

While a lot of homes are designed to have the dining room be a place solely for eating meals, (and even some just for formal meals), some homeowners are choosing to make their dining rooms more multi-purpose than that. This choice gives them another layer of dimension in not only function but design as well. 

Most often, that second function is a play on a kind of secondary living room which makes sense since every home could use more seating!

Trending dining room sets often have additional more comfortable seating options. And just like you can get custom living rooms, you can get a custom dining room as well. This gives you the full designer feel and makes your dining room extra special. 

4. Interesting Lighting 

Sometimes upgrading an entire room is just completely out of the question for a variety of reasons; time, budget, or project scope. But often a small update is feasible. When that’s the case, lighting is a great place to start. 

Whether we realize it or not, lighting is one of the first things we notice in a room and can make a huge impact on the overall feel of a space. Changing it out is a quick task and generally, you can find good options within any price range. This is a great way to help a room feel more customized as well. 

Dining room lighting trends are leaning in a more bold direction than they have in the past. Fun, whimsical shapes are becoming more and more popular all the time. 

5. Collected Touches

These days a really well-designed room shouldn’t look like it was put together by one person. Collected rooms are trendier than ever and may be one of the harder styles to pull off because they require so much more effort. 

The key to these trends is to have all of your pieces, especially the small touches, feel very intentional and thought out. 

In other words, it shouldn’t look like you went to the furniture store and bought the display dining room and put it in your home exactly how it was there. That look is definitely out of style! Instead, it should look like you’ve traveled around and collected pieces you love and brought them all together to create a uniquely beautiful space that’s all your own. 

6. Bringing Nature In 

No room is complete without something living added to it. A green plant of some kind does so much to elevate a space and bring so much life to a room that can often feel so flat. 

This trend is so important for a dining room because it isn’t the life of the home. It does often sit empty for many hours. So those touches of life mean even more and make an even bigger impact. We like to add a few different varieties to add to that collected look but make sure you pay attention to the ideal growing conditions. 

Needing to take care of your plants also gives you an excuse to get into your dining room more often and enjoy all your beautiful work! 

Dining Room Trends to Keep an Eye On

In some homes, the dining room can be a forgotten area because it isn’t always a highly used space. But when you give it just a little extra attention and design, it can be the star of the show. 

Especially when you incorporate some of these dining room trends to make the room as unique as possible. There’s no reason your dining room can’t be a focal point and a place where you make some of your best memories. 

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