Popular Bed Ideas for Small Rooms

6 Popular Bed Ideas That Are Prefect for Small Rooms

Making a small room in your home functional isn’t always an easy task. You have little space to work with, yet you need a bed and dresser and maybe even a desk and bookshelf as well. With little room, though, how can you incorporate all of these furniture items?

Rather than giving up on the room and letting it get the best of you, it’s time to take a stand against small rooms! Even the smallest of rooms can be functional with the right bed ideas. Before you wash your hands of the space, take the time to browse through bed ideas for small rooms. 

As you know, a bed is the largest furniture item you have to put in a room. When you have the best bed ideas for small rooms in mind, you can completely transform a space! Are you ready to make the most out of the smallest room in your home?

Continue reading below for creative bed ideas for a small room!

1. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are a great way to get the most out of a small room. These beds fold up vertically. They look like a cabinet when folded, but once you open the cabinet doors, the bed comes down. 

When you’re not using the bed, it’s secure in the cabinet doors and saves you lots of space in the small room. Another way to get more out of the little space you have is to choose a murphy bed with a wardrobe inside of it. When you open the cabinets and bring down the bed, there are clothing racks and cubby holes for all of your personal belongings. 

This can reduce the need for a dresser, which helps save even more space! You can learn more about your murphy bed options at https://www.wallbedsbywilding.com/murphy-beds/.

2. Loft Beds

A loft bed will save you space in the room because the bed is lifted off the floor and is closer to the ceiling. Under the bed, you’ll then have all the space in the room. You can put a dresser or desk under the bed. 

Some loft beds even come with a desk attached to them. When the bed isn’t on the floor, you don’t take away any space from the room. If you’re designing a child’s room, then you can even find some loft beds with slides!

3. Captain’s Beds

A captain’s bed is a bed that has storage attached to it on the headboard and beneath it. Rather than having empty space under the bed, the bed will come with drawers. You can store clothing, shoes, and other items in these drawers. 

You may even be able to substitute them for a dresser, which will save even more space in the room. On the headboard, you’ll find more storage such as shelves and a bookcase. Here, you can keep all of your favorite reads and knick-knacks. 

When your bed is also your dresser and bookshelf, you maximize the room’s space. 

4. Sleeper Sofas

A sleeper sofa looks and feels like a regular sofa. It takes up less room than a regular bed would yet opens up into a full-size bed when needed. When you’re not sleeping, you can fold it back into the sofa and clear some floor space. 

Depending on how much space you’re trying to save, you can purchase a twin-size sleeper sofa too. The sofa will be a bit smaller and will open up into a twin-size bed rather than a full. 

5. Storage Beds

Storage beds are any type of bed that provides optimal storage options. The storage space could be under the bed in the use of drawers or drawers in the headboard as well. Some loft beds will even have stairs with a drawer under each step for storage. 

You can even find storage beds that lift up completely to full storage space underneath them as an ottoman would. 

The more storage space the bed has, the better. You won’t have to worry about needing a wardrobe or dresser. You can simply use the closet and your bed for storage. 

6. Double Day Bed

Day beds not only do wonders for saving space, but they also provide an extra bed under them. This is ideal for a room being shared between two children. It’s also a cool concept for a child who likes to have sleepovers. 

Day beds don’t take up much space because they’re shaped more like a couch but with a mattress on top. There’s no headboard or footboard. Instead, day beds have one long side that goes up against the wall with railings on each short side. 

The other long side of the bed is left open for the person using it to get on and off of. When a second bed is needed, you can easily slide it out from under the top bed. This bed will rest a bit lower than the top bed but are much closer in distance than bunk beds.

If two beds are needed in a room, then a double day bed is a great option! 

The Best Bed Ideas For Small Rooms Make All the Difference

When you know some of the best bed ideas for small rooms, you can make a huge difference. Just because a room is small doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. Browse through the different bed options listed in this guide to determine which one would be the best fit for your needs. 

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