Benefits of Hiring a Land Surveyor

A land surveyor in Georgia can help you determine the legal boundaries of your property, whether residential or commercial. They also help you avoid delays due to land-related projects. They can also increase the value of your property.

Legal boundaries of occupancy or possession

Using a land surveyor Georgia, you may find the lines delineating legal possession or occupancy. It is particularly true if you are considering selling your property. However, Title Insurance does not cover any defects a surveyor finds. Any problems will not protect you.

Boundaries are a subject that is often discussed and involved in property title reports and other agreements. Especially in areas where properties are next to a highway or alley, these are important matters to address.

One way to locate the legal boundaries of occupancy or possession is by using the adverse possession doctrine. Adverse possession is a legal concept developed in early Britain. It is meant to provide a fair result when landowners neglect or forget their land. To establish adverse possession, the trespasser has to convince a court that he has possessed land without the owner’s permission.

Increased property value

Purchasing a property is one of the most important transactions of your life. Depending on the size of the property, you may be looking for a land survey to determine the legal boundaries of your property. A property survey will reveal what’s on the land and whether you will have problems with improvements you want to make. This information can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Surveys will include information on the property’s elevations, fences, rivers, and buildings. The surveyor will also detail roads and utility poles. The survey will also show if there are any water rights or encroachments on the land. These can be a source of legal disputes between neighbors.

The cost of a land survey depends on the size of the property. For a lot smaller than an acre, you’ll likely spend between $250 and 800, while a lot larger than that will cost around $1,200. The survey cost will also depend on the terrain of the property. The survey may cost more if the land is in an area with many natural hazards.

Prevent land-related project delays

Using a land surveyor to complete your next project will help you avoid some of the headaches associated with the project. They will also provide valuable advice on getting the most out of your land while avoiding pitfalls. It is important to remember that land surveyors have their responsibilities, so do your homework before hiring them. If you are considering hiring one, ensure they are qualified and capable of completing your project on time. If they are not, it could cause a delay.

The most important consideration is ensuring the land surveyor is licensed, certified, and insured. In a dispute, you want to know that you have someone on your side who can handle your project’s nuances. You will also want to ensure the land surveyor you choose is a team player and will work with you to produce a well-rounded product.

Increased pay

Buying a home is one of the most significant transactions in life. A clear picture of the property you are buying and all the existing easements and access rights are crucial. The survey will provide this information to all parties.

Several factors impact the cost of a land survey. First, there are costs to travel to obtain records and to meet with other land specialists. It may also include travel time.

Surveyors also charge for extra time and research. Hiring research assistants to perform investigative work in areas that experience ice or snow may be necessary.

Depending on the location and the type of work, the cost of a land survey can be as low as 50 cents per foot or as high as 70 cents per foot. It is essential to compare quotes before hiring a surveyor.