Clean Floors, Happy Spaces: How to Purchase the Best Commercial Floor Scrubber

If you own a cleaning business, purchasing a floor scrubber is an essential tool to have on hand. It can help you consolidate jobs into one piece of equipment that saves you time. The best part? You can use a floor scrubber without wearing down your cleaning staff.

Do you want to purchase the best scrubber, but you’re not sure where to start?

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose the right machine for your needs.

Keep reading to learn how to purchase the best commercial floor scrubber for your business.

Productivity Rate

The productivity rate is an important factor for any business to keep in mind when purchasing a commercial floor scrubber machine. It can also reduce labor time related to commercial floor cleaning, allowing more employees to focus on other tasks.

By using a more efficient floor scrubber, workplace cleanliness, and safety are improved, leading to higher productivity among employees. Many modern scrubbers come with features like adjustable brushes, longer run times, and low maintenance care.

Cleaning Power

The higher the power rating, the better the clean will be. Floor scrubbers with higher power ratings also can clean up tough spills faster and easier. This ensures that teams are using less time and resources to clean up a space.

Power ratings on floor scrubbers range from low, medium, and high and prices vary based on features. Depending on the size of the space, there may be models that are better for large or small areas.

Wide Coverage

When seeking out a commercial floor scrubber, you need to ensure that the machine is designed with wide coverage. Look for a machine that can cover a wide range of floor areas, such as those with unique shapes, sizes, or intricate details. You will be cleaning with an inefficient machine.

A wider coverage also ensures that you don’t have to move the machine many times to get the job done, thus allowing for a quicker cleaning process. It also means that you will be able to fit the machine in more cramped or shaped areas for more thorough cleaning.

User-Friendly Controls

A good floor scrubber has user-friendly controls that make it easy to use and safe to operate. This is important for any business, as time is of the essence in a busy environment. The controls should be easy to understand and yet offer a variety of features and settings that allow the user to customize the machine for specific floors or cleaning needs.

Large Volume Tanks

Traditional models tend to must more frequent refills which can take away from cleaning time and efficiency. With large tanks, you can cut the disruption of what would be a repetitive task. This allows you to get to more areas and keep them free of dirt, dust, and any other debris.

You can find a used floor scrubber for a more affordable option that you can use.

What to Know Before Purchasing the Best Commercial Floor Scrubber

In conclusion, having a good quality commercial floor scrubber can go a long way in making your space cleaner and more pleasant. When choosing to purchase one, be sure to do your research and pick the right one for your needs.

Are you ready to take the next step in creating a clean and happy space? Shop now for the best commercial floor scrubber!

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