Everything You Need to Know About Litigation Assistance

Litigation assistance can be a valuable resource for attorneys in many different situations. In addition to helping attorneys prepare case documents and exhibits, these professionals may also handle various tasks, including requesting records and presenting data. The following is an overview of the most common aspects of litigation preparation. Litigation support services are essential in any civil litigation, including pre-suit litigation, discovery, pre-trial, and trial.

Pre-suit litigation

Pre-litigation is a formal process that involves several steps before the actual litigation phase. During this phase, both parties involved in a dispute will present their respective cases and try to settle them out of court. Next, both parties’ attorneys offer a case outline, relevant evidence, and testimony. Then, a panel will ask questions to the parties involved, and the answers must be non-confrontational.

There are several deadlines involved in preparing for a lawsuit. For instance, you must request a jury trial and tell your opponent whether they will be allowed to call witnesses during the trial. In addition, local courts publish guidelines on how to prepare for a lawsuit. If you fail to comply with these deadlines, you can face monetary penalties or have your case thrown out. Therefore, it is best to seek help from a litigation attorney.


During a lawsuit, the other party may request information or documents from the other side. The process of discovery involves written questions called interrogatories. Often, the party that made the request may contest the accuracy of the information. Discovery is an overall process, and courts tend to be liberal in their interpretations. If you fail to comply with a legitimate discovery request, you can end up with sanctions, adverse inferences at trial, and even a dismissal of your claim.

Legal discovery requires the systematic organization and indexing of terabytes of data. This data can include documents, audio, video, and converted data. Organizing, indexing, and searching through such data can be overwhelming and frustrating. That is where Legal Discovery Solutions’ team of Certified Trial Technicians, Technical Experts, and Project Managers come in. We understand how difficult it can be for lawyers to organize and search through this vast amount of information.


Legal representation can be a great way to help you get through the pre-trial practice phase of a case. The court process involves several stages and the first consists of the commencement of a lawsuit. The filing of a summons and complaint and the proper service of process are critical components of the beginning of litigation. With the help of a skilled litigation attorney, these processes can be completed faster and more efficiently than if you handle the entire process on your own.

The purpose of a pre-trial hearing is to settle simple issues before trial so that the prosecution can proceed more efficiently. In addition to preparing for the test, this hearing allows the parties to exchange information. In addition to the chance to settle, pre-trial litigation assistance can help the judge understand the case and establish their authority. This type of assistance is essential in many cases. However, it should not be your only option. Using a litigation assistance service can be a wise investment for the future.


Settlement Assistance Program (SAP) is a program that matches pro se litigants with accessible attorneys and helps them navigate the legal system. For example, a district or magistrate court judge can refer a pro se litigant to SAP. After the appointment of the pro se attorney, the volunteer attorney evaluates the case and advises the client, and the volunteer attorneys represent the client at settlement conferences. These conferences can be held either in person or virtually.

The cost of Settlement Assistance services will depend on what the service entails. These fees may be hourly, flat-rate, or a percentage of the amount you owe. Ask about rates and payment plans before you hire a settlement assistance company. Most companies offer free consultations, so make sure to ask about your options before you commit. Then, contact your settlement assistance company and set up an appointment to discuss your specific needs.