Tips for Finding the Best Marijuana Dispensary

If you’re searching for a marijuana dispensary, you may be searching for something that is spa-like, or perhaps just simple walk in-walk-out. However, one of the best ways to ensure you can shop comfortably and confidently is by finding a store to match your needs and personality. This guide will provide you with some helpful tips you can use to find the best marijuana dispensary near you.

Tips for Finding the Best Cannabis Dispensary

Your definition of the best dispensary may differ. Customers take different things into account, including quality, safety, experience, prices, and more. 


It’s important to seek out dispensaries that take customer safety and health seriously. Many dispensaries have to follow zoning laws, which means that they cannot be located close to daycare, schools, churches, or parks. You will typically find them in industrial areas. 

To help you feel safe, many dispensaries also have armed or unarmed security, and various other security systems in place. These parameters help to keep customers and dispensaries safe. 

Your health should also be a priority when searching for a dispensary near you. Check for shops that sell only products that have been fully tested or from a company you trust.

Quality & Cost

Generally, the higher the quality, the more expensive a product is. But, this isn’t always the case. Don’t just settle with the first dispensary you come across. Take time out to search for one that offers high-quality products that are budget-friendly. There’s something to be said though if you found the cheapest shop too, sometimes price is what means most.

You should also stick to dispensaries that have a wide variety of products to offer for different customer needs.  

Customer Service

Customer service should also be on point when shopping for cannabis products. Avoid buying from a dispensary where staff are unable to answer your questions and provide you with all the information you need. Many times, this isn’t an issue for all customers, especially if you are already familiar with what you are purchasing. But this makes a huge difference for customers who need more guidance and just aren’t sure what products work best for them. Cannabis creates tourism, and people from a place where it’s still outlawed will often have a lot of questions. Little shops in tourist areas like Mountain Annie’s Cannabis in Durango, CO ( face this onslaught daily.

It doesn’t hurt to look for a dispensary that employs knowledgeable staff that can quickly provide feedback and answers questions regarding all the products they carry.


The dispensary you choose should also be convenient. Choose a shop that is close distance to your home or work. It should never be a difficult task to purchase cannabis when you need it. There are dispensaries that provide pick-up services, making it easy for you to grab and go without having to wait in line. 

You can also check for dispensaries that offer delivery services. This is a huge convenience for those that are just not able to find free time to make it to a dispensary or are disabled.


Finally, don’t forget to check for licensing. All cannabis dispensaries must be properly licensed in the state they are operating in. There are also restrictions, fees, and inspections directly related to obtaining a state license. You should only consider purchasing from licensed marijuana dispensaries so you can feel confident that you are receiving products that are safe. These guidelines are all put in place to help keep customers protected. This is a benefit you can’t get from your neighborhood hookup.