Four Ways to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Atlanta homeowners have much to rejoice in, for Georgia’s capital is leading the nation’s housing market with exponential growth potential. According to a forecast by the National Association of Realtors, Atlanta is poised to emerge as America’s top housing market in 2023. Homeowners across Atlanta are exploring ways to leverage this growth with home improvement tricks to boost their property’s value.

A Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics report reveals that curb appeal constitutes around 7% of a home’s resale price. Interestingly, elevating the curb appeal is one of the easiest home improvement strategies to increase market value. Statistics reveal that upgrades like asphalt shingle roofs and front porches provide around 80% ROIs by attracting potential buyers.

Curb appeal sets the aesthetic tone of a home, allowing the property to draw attention and stand out in the neighborhood.

Here are some brilliant ideas to improve your home’s curb appeal:

1. Invest in a Roof Replacement

Are you spending hundreds of dollars on roofing repairs month after month, putting a strain on your monthly paycheck? Is your leaking roof setting the stage for water damage, mold, and other issues that can damage the property’s structural integrity? Has your roof aged considerably, giving your property a shabby appearance?

Investing in a roof replacement will elevate your property’s curb appeal alongside preserving its structural integrity. A durable, solid roofing structure protects the property against the elements, preserving the interiors against damage. From the exterior, it dominates the curb appeal and cosmetic beauty with its finish and aesthetic charm.

Look for the best roofing company by typing Atlanta roofing company near me on your preferred search engine. We advise extensive research and budgeting before finalizing one. Understanding market trends and functionality will help you make the right choice for your home. Asphalt shingle roofs are a common choice among Atlanta homeowners, given the material’s matchless durability and luxurious finish.

Asphalt shingles are a great choice among homeowners seeking a robust combination of aesthetic charm and rock-solid durability. Homeowners willing to make a pricey investment that promises long-term durability will find composite shingle roofs more appealing. But if you want to elevate your curb appeal with the earthy texture of natural wood, consider a cedar shake roof.

Variety is abundant, and prioritizing research will help you compare costs and make the right choice for your property’s curb appeal. Remember, when it comes to roof replacement, durability is a more pressing concern than cosmetic beauty.

2. Maintaining a Clean and Green Lawn

If you neglect lawn maintenance, your property’s curb appeal is bound to suffer. Regular lawn care is integral to maintaining curb appeal, and most homeowners’ associations require adequate maintenance for the neighborhood’s integrity.

Regular lawn care requires rigorous cleaning, adequate litter disposal, pulling out weeds, and raking off leaves. Pruning the trees regularly while beautifying the lawn and regular watering will help eliminate the horrid brown spots. Homeowners who approach lawn care as a special project often find it overwhelming to maintain consistency.

We advise investing in sprinklers and adding lawn care to your daily chores around the house. Once you’ve spruced up your lawn, consider elevating its appeal by adding more greenery and colorful, fragrant blooms. You can experiment with blooms and flowers that appeal to your taste and upkeep preferences. Maintaining a floral garden can prove tough if you don’t enjoy gardening.

Here’s an easier route: add colorful planters and boxes to draw attention toward focal points, like the entryway and windows. You can always add hanging planters to decorate the walls if you don’t have enough space for standing planters.

3. Power Washing and New Paint

Suppose you wish to boost your home’s curb appeal without investing hundreds of dollars in this project. Look no further than power washing, followed by a fresh coat of paint. If you’re comfortable with some elbow grease, you can easily take the DIY route with this strategy.

Dirt, debris, and grime are the worst enemies of a property’s curb appeal and cosmetic charm. Given Atlanta’s humidity and wet summers, dirt and debris will become permanent fixtures on the exterior walls. A thorough power washing session will breathe new life into your driveway, porch, and walkways. If you don’t have a power washer, you can always rent it from your local hardware store.

Once power washing has renewed your exterior walls and walkways, get ready for a fun painting project. Most homeowners stick to neutrals and whites when painting the exterior walls, porch, and sideways. We suggest adding a bold pop of color to make your house stand out in the street. Bold and dark color palettes are excellent at hiding dirt and grime and maintaining a sleek appearance.

There are many charming and functional color combinations to explore for the exterior walls. Some trendy combinations include military green with hints of olive and sage, navy blue with aqua and sapphire, and purple with lilac.

4. Give your Front Door a Makeover

The front door is a focal point of the exterior and entryway, and an aesthetic makeover will transform the curb appeal. Giving your front door a makeover won’t require more than $100 if you want to go DIY. However, if the door’s structure is shabby and worn out, we suggest investing in a new, sturdier structure.

But if you’re happy with the existing frame, you only need a fresh coat of vibrant paint. We suggest experimenting with bold colors that blend beautifully with the exterior paint combination. For instance, a rich navy blue door will look fabulous if you’ve settled on a navy blue and aqua combination. Likewise, a fiery purple or magenta door will elevate the appeal of a purple-lilac color combination.

Finding a color that doesn’t contrast with the existing combination is important. Once you’ve painted, and renewed the décor, consider adding a wreath to decorate the frame. Homeowners who love DIY crafts can create wreaths with dried flowers and decorative beads.

Final Thoughts

Contrary to popular belief, improving a property’s curb appeal doesn’t require much money; it demands effort and time. Regular lawn care and maintenance is all it takes to maintain an attractive exterior that draws attention and compliments. But if you neglect the lawn and exterior for far too long, you will reduce the curb appeal and incur staggering repair costs. We advise adding lawn care and exterior maintenance to your daily and seasonal home improvement chores to maintain consistency.