How to Help Your Dog With Their Storm Anxiety

Nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the couch and napping during a summer afternoon thunderstorm.

Do you have a dog with storm anxiety? Of course, it can be tough to comfort your dog when they have a hard time with thunder or lightning during a thunderstorm.

We’re here to help. In this guide, we’ll cover what causes anxiety in dogs during a storm, things you can do to help them relax, and some simple technology to help make their storm anxiety a little easier for everyone.

Read on to learn how to make your dog’s storm time a relaxing and safe experience during a thunderstorm.

Desensitize Them to the Noise

An essential step in helping your dog with its storm anxiety is to desensitize them to the noise. Play a sound or video of a storm at a low volume. If your dog remains relaxed, increase the sound level slightly after a few seconds.

Reserve treats to provide positive reinforcement and reward your dog for staying calm. Consider CBD calming dog treats. Gradually increase the sound level as long as your pup remains relaxed.

If they start getting anxious, back off the volume and slowly increase it until they are comfortable. If possible, divert their attention away from the sound by having them perform an obedience command or hold their favorite toy. This process can take weeks or months, so remain patient and consistent. 

Create a Safe Space for Your Dog

Creating a safe space for your dog when feeling anxious about a storm is vital in helping them cope with the stress. Begin by setting up an area for them with comfortable bedding, favorite toys, and calming music. Ensure the site is away from windows that can be a sound source.

You can also provide a den for them to hide in if desired. Stay with them during storms while providing a comforting touch and reassuring voice to help them remain calm and anxious. Additionally, distracting your dog with their favorite toys or activities can be beneficial.

Please encourage them to participate in play rather than focusing on the weather outside. Finally, desensitizing your dog by playing a thunderstorm recording at low levels and gradually increasing the volume can help them become more familiar with storm sounds. You can help your dog manage their fear of storms with plenty of love and patience.

Ways to Reduce Storm Anxiety For Your Dog

Overall, planning to help your pup through a storm is critical. Show love and comfort during the storm with reassurance to their anxieties. With proper training and a safe environment, storms can become just another day for you and your pup. Take your time with the shower. Get prepared today and give your dog the best storm anxiety relief!

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