How Voyager Fleet Fuel Cards Can Help You Save Money on Fuel Costs

When choosing a fuel card program, finding the right balance of savings and convenience is vital. While discounts at specific stations may offer savings, the cost of a driver driving an extra five minutes to a different station can quickly increase operating costs.

Fleet fuel cards with an extensive acceptance network can save fuel money while providing convenient business management tools. Spending controls, authorization prompts, and customizable reporting help to tame fuel and maintenance expenses.

Access to More than 230,000 Stations

With a voyager fleet fuel cards, drivers can access the country’s most extensive network of fuel locations. The card is accepted at retail brands, truck stops, and independents, allowing drivers to choose the best locations for their needs.

In addition to the wide selection of locations, voyager offers many other benefits. For example, the card can be used to pay for maintenance and other vehicle expenses, enabling managers to control costs better. Limiting dollar amounts per day, week, and month is also possible. In addition, the card comes with free fraud protection in case of a card skimming incident.

P-Fleet manages voyager fleet cards and offers many features that may make them a good choice for your business. The card is unique because it combines Mastercard and non-Mastercard purchase types on one card. It can be a helpful feature for small businesses that want to save money on fees associated with other card programs. The card also has short payment terms, with bills due weekly.

Finally, using the voyager fleet card at a major electric vehicle charging network is possible. It is another excellent way to cut costs by reducing the need for costly fossil fuels.


Fleets can save time and money by eliminating the need for drivers to pay for fuel and submit expense reports. With the voyager card, managers can track all expenses and mileage for every vehicle in one convenient online portal.

The card offers universal acceptance at over 320,000 locations across the United States, including major brands. It also features a wide variety of local and independent truck stops that are often less expensive than national chains. Plus, no transaction fees are charged when using the card.

Cardholders can choose between weekly or biweekly billing and can select the day of the week they want to be billed, Wednesday through Saturday for weekly cards and Sunday through Saturday for biweekly cards. Cards can be restricted to fuel or include maintenance for a complete picture of fleet costs. Plus, the card offers advanced spending controls that go beyond blanket limits so you can create more specific boundaries for your drivers.

You can also select a preferred payment schedule to save time and money, such as paying monthly or semi-monthly rather than per user. With this flexibility, you can use your budget best and keep your fleet running smoothly. Taking advantage of the savings offered by our card means more time and money to invest in your business.


With 230,000+ stations accepting the Voyager card, drivers can save time by choosing locations close to their route. The wide acceptance also enables drivers to purchase fuel competitively, reducing total fleet expenses.

Managing fleet-related costs is easy with the voyager card, as maintenance purchases can be tracked alongside fuel purchases. It allows for better budgeting and planning. Plus, when purchasing at a fleet-branded location, your drivers can take advantage of discounts on oil and other maintenance supplies.

Another benefit of using a Voyager card is saving on premium fuel. By switching to premium fuel, drivers can typically cut the price of each gallon by 10%.

As a Mastercard, voyager cards are ideal for large businesses operating nationwide. It is because the voyager card is accepted at many locations, including truck stops, retail brands, and even independents. This omnipresence makes the card popular with OTR, aviation, and government fleets. Moreover, third-party providers distribute the card, which offers 24/7 US-based customer service. The Voyager card is also a good option for small fleets with its flexible payment options and advanced spending controls. Its flexible purchase controls allow business owners to set more precise limits on what can be purchased by a driver, and customizable reporting helps managers track invoices and transaction details.


The voyager card offers fleets various reporting capabilities to help minimize fuel fraud. For example, a web-based data analytics platform – organizes transaction details on a visual dashboard, making it easy to identify fueling patterns and trends. The system also provides an automated alert for transactions outside of specified parameters. Additionally, the system can identify a specific driver, vehicle, and station where a suspicious purchase is made. The company will then take proactive steps to investigate and resolve the issue.

Another way the voyager card helps fleets reduce fuel costs is by tracking maintenance expenses alongside fuel purchases. It lets managers gain insight into total fleet spending and better control overall costs.

In addition to the 320,000 acceptance locations, voyager fleet cards offer many advanced features and controls. For example, fleets can set daily dollar or pump limits and specify what information drivers must provide to make a purchase. It can include vehicle, ID, or trip numbers to prevent theft and misuse.

With these features, the Voyager fleet card can help fleets of all sizes slash fuel costs. However, it’s particularly popular with large fleets and qualified tax-exempt organizations.