lake house

Interior Features of a Lake House

When deciding on the interior features of a lake house, keep a few things in mind. Fire pits and fireplaces are two big must-haves. These are a great way to draw people together and are surprisingly affordable. These are great additions to any lake house and can also be DIY projects.

Blue and White Color Palette

A lake house like the Lake Travis waterfront homes for sale are a great place to incorporate vibrant colors. While the traditional blue and white color scheme, it is also possible to use more vibrant shades to enhance the feel of a lake house. For example, a white and blue living room can be accented with colorful artwork and vibrant slipcovers.

The interior features of a lake house are often designed with a blue-gray color palette paired with splashes of red, creating a youthful look. In addition to the bright color scheme, each room has scattered pillows and curtains for privacy. The bathrooms have a similar color scheme, with light golden wood as the base, white countertops, and blue feature tiles. There are also plenty of large windows, and the overall look is aesthetically pleasing.

Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great way to add ambiance and warmth to any lake house. But be sure to choose a location with safety in mind. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, fires in outdoor heaters caused more than five hundred injuries in 2017 compared to only 1,900 injuries in 2008. It is essential to keep fire distances from trees and other structures.

Another reason to choose a fire pit for your lake house is that it can add value to your property. Not only does it add comfort and warmth to the space, but it also makes the house more appealing to a diverse group of buyers. Fire pits make potential buyers feel more comfortable and at home, whether a young couple or a family with kids.

Dog-Friendly Decor

If you love your dog, you’ll want to look for dog-friendly decor in homes for sale New Braunfels. This will make sure your pup feels welcome while you’re away. Here are some ideas for pet-friendly decor. Start by pulling up the blinds and curtains. You’ll also need to be prepared for accidents. A low table is a common cause of an accident.

If you’re on the lake, consider a nautical-themed theme. A navy-and-white color scheme will keep water and dirt out of the house, while the white will make the house feel warm and inviting.

Simple but Effective Floor Plan

This simple but effective lake house floor plan includes a front screened porch and generous outdoor living spaces. It also features a loft for an office or extra storage. Its open-concept design creates a calming atmosphere inside and out. The layout of this floor plan includes two bedrooms on the main level and two bedrooms upstairs. It also has an open dining and living area.

A lake house like the Lake Austin waterfront homes for sale should be open and airy. This creates a natural connection between indoor and outdoor spaces and makes the home appear more prominent. Also, it would help if you considered using natural materials in building the house. For example, using stone or cedar on the exterior will create a lakeside home that will blend into its surroundings. A stone fireplace and massive wooden beams make the house blend in with nature.