Paint Color Trends: What You Need to Know (2023)

Looking to freshen up your home and boost your confidence? Painting an entire room is one of the best ways to rejuvenate your space and your life!

As exciting as the idea of a room re-do is, choosing the right paint color can be overwhelming, especially since re-painting is a larger project than you might expect. What you think will only take a day can turn into an entire week if you don’t make the right decisions in the planning stage.

Fret not; we’re here to help! Below are the top paint color trends for this year and into the next. We also threw in a few of our expert tips!


Citrus is a gorgeous, bold, and vibrant orange hue. It is perfect for adding a splash of color to your home and will be seen as a trend for paint color in the upcoming years. The bold and bright hue adds a unique and refreshing look to a room and works with a variety of colors.

Citrus is also great for bringing life to dull or dreary days and can easily provide a joyful and cheerful atmosphere. It is a near-perfect color for any season, whether you’re looking for a warm sun-kissed hue for summer or a cozy and inviting look for winter. Additionally, if you decide to paint your home with the help of professionals, Old Charleston Painting Company will give your home a fresh coat of paint!


Rust is an exciting yet understated new trend in wall color that combines neutral tones with a hint of red with a touch of rust. This creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any room. This color is also trending for home interiors.

The trending color reflects nature in its raw form and adds an earthy feel to interior areas that traditionally don’t embrace a rustic look. This trend requires careful consideration when selecting a paint color, as many of the shades tend to be best paired with neutral tones to ensure the right equilibrium. Together, the combination of an industrial feel and rustic hue provides a unique balance of sophistication and comfort.

Monochromatic Looks

Monochromatic looks use variations of one color – two or three shades of the same hue – to create a focal point for the room and give it a cohesive, serene feel. For this trend, accent walls are almost mandatory; painting them a few shades darker than the other walls can break up the room in a very creative way.

To brighten up the theme, textures and lighter shades of the same hue should be added to furniture and decor. This trend is ideal for the modern home, bringing harmony and consistency to an area with just one color.

Palladian Blue

This is a light, airy shade of blue with a hint of green undertone. The hue creates a peaceful and calming feeling, which is the ideal atmosphere in any home. This particular shade can be used in all rooms – from living rooms to bedrooms. It looks great with cool or warm colors, such as whites, greys, and even oranges.

Layering different sheens of the same blue can create a modern and original look in any space. For trim and ceilings, a soft white is the classic pairing for this cool, blue paint color.


This striking and sophisticated color can be used to cast a sense of intrigue and authority in any space. It’s sleek and timeless, lending a luxurious feel to any room. For those looking to emphasize their design without risking an overwhelming look, black is the ideal choice.

Accentuate the dramatic feel by pairing it with other of-the-moment tones, such as terra-cotta, soft blues, or buttery-cream hues. Using black to frame space will give it a fashionable and distinctive look — one that won’t soon be forgotten. Whether used throughout the entire room or just as an accent wall, this color is sure to make a big, bold statement.

Soft Blush

This color is particularly suitable for modern spaces and lends a light, airy feeling while still enhancing the overall look of a room. Soft Blush is best applied as an accent wall, helping to complete a room’s design. This delicate, muted shade can also be used for woodwork, trim, and cabinets, providing a quiet yet distinguished contrast.

Eider White

Its versatility makes it a practical and timeless choice for a variety of styles. A perfect complement for modern, traditional, contemporary, and vintage furnishings, eider white brings balance and cohesion to any space. This neutral shade of white can be paired with both bright and dark colors, creating an ideal backdrop that serves as an anchor to bolder decor.

Incorporating eider white into a space can make it feel spacious and inviting while quickly establishing a relaxing atmosphere. For a more traditional look, pair it with beiges and taupes. For a modern edge, pair it with grays and blues. And for a boho vibe, opt for rich teals, warm yellows, and blush pinks.

Gentleman’s Gray

Gentlemen’s gray is a warm mid-toned grey that has been used in contemporary design for some time and is now becoming popular on walls and other surfaces. The hue is subtle enough to avoid the feeling of being oppressive, like some stark greys, but still offers a sense of sophistication and opulence when used within the home.

It is perfectly suited for accent walls – especially when used alongside other trendy grey hues – and can be used across a variety of palettes for any space. Whether used in combination with other gray hues or with subdued backdrops of blues and greens, Gentlemen’s Gray is sure to bring out a strong, stylish statement in any room.


This deep, purplish hue brings richness and luxury to any space. Plum pairs equally well with bright and muted colors and can be used to create a bold statement or to soothe and calm. It evokes feelings of mystery and warmth and is a great choice for an accent wall, hallway, or bedroom.

Paint Your Home Now

Conclusively, paint color trends for 2023 are trending toward natural and muted hues. Navigating through the many options of color can be overwhelming. Create the perfect atmosphere that speaks to both you and your space.

Start the journey and paint your home now!

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