Shake Things Up: 7 Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

Your dining room may have been feeling a little dated, but this room is the perfect place to add some DIY design. You’ll have a chance to redesign not only the look but also the purpose of the space. And you’ll have a great room to entertain in.

For the best effect, make a bold statement with a room accent wall. This way, it becomes the focal point to feature a table that is well-made and your creative accessories. And you can choose a material and color to fit your style and to make things pop.

Read on for seven great dining room accent wall ideas.

1. Create a Classic Look With Monochrome

Creating a classic look in the dining room with monochrome involves relying on just a few select colors. This concept can be comfortably paired with different types of accent walls. Monochromatic wallpaper can be installed on the accent wall.

Consider installing wallpaper with a simple monochrome pattern for a timeless look. Alternatively, use wall tiles in a neutral color or black and white for a classic but modern feel. For a vintage vibe, install the tiles in a herringbone or chevron pattern.

Another option is to paint the accent wall in a neutral shade such as beige, taupe, grey, or white. Adding a subtle but beautiful texture to the accent wall can elevate the look even more.

2. Take Your Paint Onto the Ceiling

One of the trending accent wall ideas for dining rooms is taking your paint onto the ceiling. Painting the ceiling provides an extra opportunity to add character to the room. This can be done by utilizing complementary colors for the walls and ceiling, highlighting certain accents with a bolder end color, or playing with various sheens.

A high-gloss paint on the ceiling will draw attention as it reflects light off of the walls and can even be balanced with a semi-gloss above a matte wall.  Another idea is breaking up what may seem like an endless sea of color by adding an intricate trim pattern along the ceiling.

Whatever your desired aesthetic, taking your paint onto the ceiling is a great way to modernize a dining room. To get professional help, visit

3. Create a Feature With Shelving

Creating a feature wall with shelving is a great way to add an accent wall in the dining room. Many people want an eye-catching focal point in a dining room, and shelving can help create a unique look.

It is a versatile design element that can be used for decorative purposes or to house larger items such as a bookshelf or storage for display pieces. To maximize the impact of the wall, consider incorporating large-scale shelves, or include a suspended display system that can hang from the ceiling or be installed on the wall itself.

Another popular option is to mount the shelves on the wall for a dramatic look. There are also plenty of stylish shelving options, from modern designs to rustic and industrial styles, to choose from to help you create your own unique feature.

4. Add Texture With Painted Brick

Painted brick is a timeless and stylish accent wall idea for any dining room. Its texture allows it to stand out and create an interesting visual effect. For a modern take on this classic, go with an unpolished, faded finish.

This will bring depth and rustic charm and will look great with modern minimalist furniture. For a more traditional effect, opt for rustic red brick. This will instantly add warmth and character to the room.

Bricks can also be painted with a gloss finish to give an extra sheen. Painting a pattern onto the bricks can also help add visual interest, such as a chevron or a subtle diamond pattern. Whatever look you decide on, painted brick is an eye-catching addition to any dining room!

5. Curate a Gallery Wall

Create a stunning focal point in your dining room with a gallery wall of classic art or modern prints. Choose artwork that speaks to your personal style, or pick pieces that evoke a certain mood.

Hang your artwork in different sizes, shapes, and orientations to break away from the traditional vertical alignment. Add interest by hanging frames that are architectural, abstract, or unique.

Consider mixing in larger pieces with smaller pieces, and don’t be afraid to get creative with asymmetrical arrangements or patterns. Above all, choose artwork that you truly love. After all, your accent wall is the perfect place to express your personality and inject a bit of style into your home.

6. Use Pattern for Impact

Accent walls are a great way to make a bold statement in your dining room. When it comes to patterns for impact, the possibilities are endless. You can opt for a strong wallcovering such as a geometric pattern, a floral motif, or a bold color to really make a statement.

If wallpaper isn’t for you, you can try a textured look with wall panels or experiment with paint techniques like sponging, rag rolling, or stippling to create a subtly elegant look.

If the tile is more your style, go for a classic subway tile style with an unexpected pattern, or go all out with a traditional mosaic layout. Whichever you choose, be sure to include pops of your favorite colors to really make your look shine. 

7. Create Interest With Slat Paneling

Slat paneling is an ideal way to create interest in a dining room while still making sure your accent wall in the dining room is stylish and modern. Slat paneling consists of thin boards arranged to create stripes or patterns.

It allows for creativity and allows different styles, such as woven patterns, slanted rectangular shapes, and chevron or diamond patterns. You can also stain the wood to create a range of different colors for a pop of color.

It can also be used to create panels on the wall that can be painted to match the rest of the room while still creating depth. It’s a great way to bring texture to a room, adding visual interest to a wall that may be lacking. 

Explore These Dining Room Accent Wall Ideas

You now have the inspiration to confidently create your own accent wall with 7 carefully dining room accent wall ideas. Whether you decide to go bold and daring or demure and stylish, you are sure to shake up your dining room with the perfect accent wall.

Start exploring colors, textures, and patterns to bring your vision to life.