Six Tips for Hiring A Moving Company

Hiring a reputable moving company can make a world of difference, as relocating can be a stressful and daunting experience.

Moving companies assist you with safe and effective packing, loading, transportation, and unloading of your belongings. While there is no exact guideline to follow when hiring movers, being aware can help you save precious time and money and prevent a moving disaster.

As a resident of St. Charles, Missouri, you must be especially careful, as people are scammed by services now and again. Most of these scams were online, so you must take a few measures before submitting your credit card details online.

Interestingly, more than 30 million Americans have moved inside the country since COVID-19 using moving services. Citytistics claims declining population growth is a significant reason most people move out of St. Charles.

With that said, the following moving tips may assist in your decision-making regarding what to look for in a moving company.

Start By Reading Online Reviews

A neglected but crucial step in determining how well-established companies are doing is to read reviews.

Find out what previous clients say about the moving company you are considering hiring. Verify the companies’ reliability, services, punctuality, and affordability.

Moreover, look for consistent five-star ratings; if you see a pattern, it could indicate that they are fake. Furthermore, companies without recent reviews in the last two months should be flagged.

At the same time, newer businesses surpass the service levels offered by established ones while adhering to the highest industry standards and working hard to build their reputations.

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Request Quotations From A Minimum Of 3 Companies

It is best to first obtain quotes from several moving companies to compare costs. To make an informed choice about which business is best for your needs, select at least three movers and request time estimates for the relocation and any other relevant information.

The decision to accept the highest bid will be the easiest for you to make after you have several moving price estimations. However, it’s not always so simple.

We suggest not making your decision solely based on cost. There are other considerations as well.

Licensed moving companies can differ significantly in terms of trustworthiness, quality, and costs. Don’t forget to consider the company’s standing, additional service fees, and (obviously) the total expense.

The easiest method to discover the ideal moving company for the moving project—and your budget—is to thoroughly assess each company’s price bids.

Run A Background Check

Websites like Yelp are excellent resources, but it may be difficult to tell which horror stories are authentic and which are the fabrications of someone with a grudge.

Get more precise information from organizations like, the Better Business Bureau and the American Moving and Storage Association. Common sense also plays a role here; be wary of companies who do not have an address or contact information and need a large deposit in advance.

When moving across the country or over long distances, where trust and compliance are crucial, a fast Google News search might help you spot any warning signs, such as changing their business name or getting involved in litigation.

On the other hand, reading news stories about businesses involved in good community activities may help you narrow your selection by demonstrating how their business principles are similar to yours.

Read The Contract Carefully

You will receive a bill of lading from the mover, a formal agreement between you as the customer, and the mover. Before you sign the document, be sure to read it thoroughly and understand it.

Once that is done, be sure to save your original shipment bill. If something goes wrong, you’ll want to have it close by to present your case. Additionally, you must pay the amounts specified in the bill once you have signed it.

The bill should contain the following information: the name and address of the mover, the means of payment it accepts, the pickup time, the total amount to pay, and other payment-related information.

Most importantly, don’t be concerned about letting the moving company wait while you review the contract to ensure you understand everything covered. You should check a moving business’s reputation before signing a contract because moving company frauds are rather prevalent.

If something about the contract doesn’t feel right, trust your instinct and ask questions.

Avoid Deposits As Much As Possible

Some moving companies may ask for a deposit if you move to a six-bedroom house. This is because it will tie up several moving days and resources for the movers. However, movers shouldn’t ask for a deposit for most small moves.

For normal-sized relocation, reputable movers shouldn’t want a sizable payment before the move. However, it all depends on the deposit size; some movers only ask for a negligibly small fee, which is acceptable.

You might want to think twice before hiring movers if they demand a sizable advance deposit. However, use a credit card or check that can be verified for your records if you are paying a deposit, which is typical in the industry.

Verify Their Credentials And Licenses

Smaller, lesser-known companies may offer cost reductions and ‘too good to be true’ offers. Still, they may lack the necessary insurance and compliance requirements, leaving you vulnerable if complications emerge, including damage to your premises and possessions.

Moreover, your move should have insurance coverage for all aspects of their business and operations, including general liability, covering for their staff and contractors to function legally.

The United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) will grant an expert interstate moving company license. A mover’s license number and the company’s history of complaints should be available online.


Using a moving company is an excellent way of making the relocation process less of a hassle. However, not all moving firms are created equal, and selecting the incorrect one might result in a frustrating and costly experience.

To avoid that, you must pick a respectable moving company that fits your demands and budget by using the tips provided in this article.

Choosing the very first moving company you discover is not a good idea. Do your homework, evaluate the costs and services offered, and pick a business that makes you feel at ease.