The Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous

Straight Leg Women Jeans – The Ultimate Guide to Looking Fabulous

Add a sleek silhouette to your denim rotation with women’s straight jeans that fit snuggly through the hip and thigh. Opt for a low-rise pair that hits your preferred ankle length to show off your footwear — these from downtown label Khaite are ideal for balancing a shorter torso.

Look for a fit that fits your hips and thighs while loosening below the knees for an overall fitted-meets-effortless look. They should also pass the sit test, ensuring they don’t dig into your stomach.

The Perfect Wash

A well-fitting pair of straight leg womens jeans will flatter your figure. These jeans look best when snug around the hips and thighs with a slight knee stretch. They should also be brief. Too-long jeans can hide your ankle and create a blocky leg look, which could be more chic. If your jeans are too long, you can always get them hemmed for a few dollars.

This classic denim cut, worn by fashion editors and Gigi Hadid alike, can be dressed up for the office with a fitted top or with trainers and an oversized sweater. For an extra-polished look, add a blazer to your straight jeans. This will help to balance out the form-fitting top and create a line that lengthens your body.

It would help if you chose shoes complimenting the untapered pant legs to complete your outfit. Flats and loafers are excellent for choice wear, while high-top sneakers can be worn with formal and informal looks. Ideally, you want to choose shoes that are close-fitting to your body so your shape is accentuated and not lost in the loose pant legs.

The Right Material

Straight-leg jeans are a wardrobe staple thanks to their timeless silhouette. They elongate the legs and pair well with T-shirts, tailored jackets, heels, and flats. The key to styling them is finding the suitable material for your look.

Lighter-weight denim, like DL1961’s high-waisted straight-leg style, is an excellent choice for women’s jeans because it adds a modern touch to the classic silhouette. This pair’s clean lines and vintage-inspired wash make it the perfect addition to your everyday wardrobe.

Alternatively, try a pair of dark-wash straight-leg jeans with a relaxed fit. This baggy style reads casual but is still polished enough for a work outfit. For example, balance out a pair of dark-wash jeans with an oversized boyfriend blazer over a form-fitting top. The blazer adds structure to your upper body and helps keep the proportions of your torso in check, especially if you have a shorter frame.

When choosing a pair of straight-leg jeans, look for the ones that offer the best fit. According to stylist Cassandra Sethi, they should fit throughout the leg, bottom, and waist. They should also pass the “sit test,” meaning they don’t dig into your stomach when sitting down. Lastly, the back pockets should be positioned correctly to create a flattering look. If the jeans are too long, a tailor can hem them for a minimal fee.

The Perfect Style

A close relative to mom jeans, straight-leg denim, leans dressier and is an easy style choice for IRL office days. They look brilliant paired with a fitted silk cami or tee tucked in and finished with a crisp white blouse and loafers. Or they can be worn for a weekend brunch with a baggy sweatshirt, slogan tee, and fashion trainers.

Look out for pairs with a visible button fly and a classic blue shade (like this pair from Mother). Sitting snuggly along the hips, they fit through the thighs but loosen just below the knee to create a fitted-meets-effortless silhouette.

Whether you’re looking for a long, ankle-bone length or a cropped style, keep in mind that any denim that is too short will hide your shoe and can leave a gap that will feel too big and unflattering. The best length will hit around the ankle bone, flatting any height.

If you want to elevate your look even further, choose a high-waisted pair of straight-leg straight-leg women’s jeans and style them with a black bodysuit or turtleneck, and finish the outfit off with a sharp pair of stilettos or high-heeled pumps. Remember that it’s essential to incorporate at least one other fitted piece in your outfit when you wear a high-waisted cut because this will help to accentuate your waist.

The Perfect Fit

A well-fitted pair of jeans is the foundation of any outfit. And, when it comes to straight-leg jeans, a good fit is essential. They should hit comfortably on the hips, hug the thighs without restricting them, and loosen up around the knees for a fitted-meets-effortless look.

The right length is also essential. Emily says to avoid pants that go past the ankle bone, which can cause a blocky leg look. Instead, aim for a length that hits right at or around the ankle bone for a classic look. However, don’t worry if you prefer your jeans to be longer than that! Plenty of tailors offer inexpensive hemming services for only a few dollars.

Finally, consider the fabric, as it can make a big difference in how your straight-leg jeans feel and look. Heavier denim tends to be more durable and keep you warmer than lighter styles, but it can be bulky, so try on several pairs to find the one that works best for your body type.

Some purists like their jeans to be raw or rigid, meaning they’re unwashed and have no stretch, while others prefer just a 2 percent touch of elastane or spandex to keep the jeans forming nicely after wearing. In either case, try on a few pairs and consider how they fit when you walk, sit, and stand in them throughout the day to ensure comfort and a flattering look.