What Are the Different Types of Home Water Filtration Systems?

If you have looked for the best water filter for your home, you may have gotten overwhelmed by the choices. There are many on the market today. Over 7 million Americans get sick from waterborne diseases each year.

Some people don’t get home water filtration systems because of the associated costs. We also get told that our water is safe because it goes through treatment processes. During these, the residential types of water get disinfected.

Treating water takes place by the use of chemicals like chlorine. Although chlorine in drinking water gets touted as safe, it has gotten shown to cause cancer. Many have concerns about drinking it in large quantities.

One of the primary reasons to use home water filtration systems is to get clean water. Keep reading to learn more about the different filter systems for your home. 

Affordable Home Water Filtration

You can get a sustainable home filtration system on a budget. Some of the most popular choices get made that way because of their affordability.

Ultraviolet filters are great for those wanting to help the environment. These home water filtration systems absorb light, which kills the bacteria. The downside is that they need other filters to remove chemicals like chlorine. 

Ion exchange has gotten used for many years. You can think of it as exchanging bad water for good. It replaces calcium and magnesium with sodium and makes water soft. 

Activated carbon works by binding to unwanted chemicals and bacteria. The best fridge filters use these to pull out impurities. You can shop Discount Filters for replacements that cost less. 

Replacing filters can be cost-effective. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get the same quality.

Permanent Filter Options

If you own a home or have the financial means, you may want a more permanent option. These options may cost more money upfront, but you will save more per gallon of use. It costs pennies per gallon when using a residential water filter. 

Reverse osmosis systems have become popular home water filtration systems. This water filter pushes water through a reverse osmosis filter using high pressure. The toxic chemicals stay on one side of the filter film while clean water goes to the other side. 

Many people have begun to remove fluoride from their hygiene routines. Activated alumina is an excellent residential water filter for removing that. It has a vast surface area and can bind with more toxins over a lifespan. 

How to Choose the Best Home Water Filtration Systems

There are many varieties of home water filtration systems. Deciding on the best one may seem overwhelming, but keeping your needs in mind will help. You use water for so many processes in your home and want it to be as clean as possible. 

Not all the filters are the same. Pay attention to what gets removed from the different selections. There are filtration systems for every water concern.

Using these tips, you can get the water filtration system you need. Check out our other articles for more household tips like these!