When it comes to playing the lottery, it's mostly up to luck but some things can help. Here are 3 key factors to consider when you play powerball.

3 Key Factors to Consider When You Play Powerball

Do you like to play Powerball? Have you dreamed of winning that big jackpot and having your life change overnight? 

Well, if you have, you are far from the only one. A lot of people like to play Powerball, but it is a lot harder to win the jackpot than you might imagine. 

The odds of hitting it are currently about 1 in 292 million

So, how can you increase your odds of winning? These are three Powerball tips that you should follow. 

1. Pay Attention to Recent Drawings

One tip that can help you improve your odds of winning is to pay attention to the recent drawings that come out with the Powerball.

There are resources out there that list all of the winning numbers that came out the most recent. You can look here for more information on that. 

But, that will allow you to get an idea of what numbers have been drawn lately. If you look at those number combinations, it is unlikely that the same numbers will come out too close together, especially the exact same drawing. 

You can use that list as a guideline for what numbers not to pick with that in mind. Try to pick numbers that have not come out in a while, and you could increase your odds of actually getting the right combination. 

2. Joining a Pool

Another factor to consider when trying to win the Powerball is joining a pool. This can be among family, friends, or even co-workers. 

What this does is increase your odds of winning a big prize without having to put more money into the game yourself. 

Let’s say you have about ten people that you want to join a pool with. With those ten people, you would have ten different tickets that you can win on for the same amount of money as the one ticket that you would normally buy. 

The only catch would be that you would have to split a big prize ten ways. But, considering that jackpots can be over $500 million, is that really such a bad thing?

Not only will you increase your odds of winning, but you could bond over potentially winning as a group.

3. Pick Random Numbers

The final factor you should consider is picking random numbers, rather than ones that are part of a pattern. An example would be picking all odd or even numbers. 

While that can make it easy to remember, it is unlikely that a drawing will really come out like that. 

The same applies to picking every five numbers or all numbers that end with zero. Due to the odds of that actually coming out, it is best to avoid those patterns. 

Play Powerball 

These are three factors that you should consider if you decide to play Powerball. If you follow these Powerball playing tips, you could find your bank account being a lot bigger one day. 

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