5 Common Outdoor Space Design Errors and How to Avoid Them

Do you want your outdoor space to look great but are unsure how to get started? 

You need a good guide to avoid the most common outdoor space design errors. Then, you can create spaces that transform your property into something you’re proud to show off to guests or enjoy.

Our guide provides tips so that you avoid incorrect measurements and so you can design the most impressive outdoor space.

1. Avoiding Clutter & Poor Plant Placement

To avoid these outdoor space design errors, it is important to plan out the space, considering the aesthetics and functionality desired. Choosing only necessary furniture and decorations and ensuring they are placed effectively can help keep the area tidy and visually pleasing.

When it comes to plants, choosing native species appropriate for the location and adequate spacing will ensure they do not hinder them. A thoughtful and strategic plan can avoid clutter and poor plant placement, creating the perfect outdoor setting.

2. Poor Furniture Placement

Poor furniture placement can negatively affect the design of an outside area. When not properly planned, outdoor space furniture can create a disorganized and uninviting space.

To avoid these errors, furniture should be placed so that it directs people towards different areas and activities in an outdoor space. Additionally, furniture should be placed according to the established theme of the area to create a cohesive look. 

3. Skimping On Lighting & Little Seating

One of the most common design errors is skimping on lighting and seating. Your outdoor space will be significantly less inviting and usable without adequate lighting and seating. To avoid this, start by ensuring plenty of lighting, including task lighting and/or soft accent lighting fixtures.

You should also ensure enough seating for guests, such as benches, chairs, or hammocks. Both lighting and seating should be taken into consideration when making color and design choices to make sure everything looks unified.

4. Forgetting About Vertical Spaces

This mistake is often made by homeowners because they simply do not take enough time to consider the vertical possibilities that exist in their outdoor areas. It is important to add vertical elements to your outdoor space design plans in order to create depth and dimension.

For example, you can use trees, vines, and tall statues to add dimension to your outdoor space. Not only do these vertical elements help create a beautiful outdoor environment, but they also provide much-needed shade and even privacy from neighboring homes.

5. Installing Overly-Fussy Fences

Installing overly-fussy fences is a common outdoor design mistake if you will renovate your home today. These types of fences can be too distracting and detract from the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space. The size and shape of an overly-fussy fence can be overwhelming, making it difficult to enjoy the outdoor decor and beauty of the space.

Additionally, these fences are often not as durable as simpler designs. To avoid making this type of mistake, consider opting for a more traditional or timeless fence design. Some popular options include wood panels or picket fencing.


Outdoor Space Design Errors To Avoid

Common outdoor space design errors can be avoided by taking time to plan and understand the outdoor space features and considerations of a successful design. Taking the time to look for unique design solutions is key to creating an inviting and useful outdoor space. 

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