5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Your Moving Timeline Checklist

Are you excited about moving to your new home?

Moving is a fun and wonderful experience. You get to switch homes with beautiful new locations. Are you excited about moving?

Before you can start packing, you need to make a moving timeline checklist. You will also need to hire a reputable moving company to help you transfer your items safely.

Are you nervous about your upcoming moving day? Moving is a long and stressful experience. Follow this checklist to get organized and avoid common mistakes made when moving.

Be ready to move and relax, read these helpful tips before your big move.

1. Waiting Too Long to Book Service Companies

Waiting too long to book service companies such as movers and junk removal services is a mistake you should avoid when creating your moving timeline checklist. Even if you are only moving locally, it is still important to book these services in advance as they can get booked quickly.

Set aside a part of your plan for booking these services and getting prices and estimates. Make sure to book these services as soon as you know when you plan on moving. Otherwise, you may be stuck in a tough situation where you cannot find availability or have to pay a much higher price due to last-minute bookings.

Don’t wait until the last minute and miss out on potential deals or good offers. There’s nothing worse than waiting too long and your movers or junk removal services being unavailable. Make sure to book these services as early as possible to avoid any problems and make your move smooth and stress-free.

2. Not Budgeting for a Temporary Storage Unit

If you have items that you will not need right away, it is important to have a secure place to store them. The best solution is often a temporary storage unit.

When searching for a unit, it is important to consider the size and price. You want to make sure that it fits your budget while still offering secure storage that fits your needs.

It may also be beneficial to compare storage unit prices of different locations before making a decision. Be sure to factor in the cost of locks, insurance, and any other features that may be needed.

Last but not least, make sure you consider the availability of the unit and the cost of transport. Not budgeting for a temporary storage unit can be an expensive mistake that you may regret later. Plan for this by including it on your moving timeline checklist.

3. Not Researching Your New Neighborhood

When crafting your packing timeline for moving, one mistake you should avoid is not researching your new neighborhood. Make sure to explore the amenities, schools, and other essential aspects of the area you are moving to before committing to a move.

Invest in a guidebook of the new city and study the demographics and services available. Consider a weekend visit to get a taste of the area and to meet your new neighbors.

Try to visit a few parks and recreational centers to assess what activities are offered. And also, determine the best means of local transportation. An in-depth understanding of the new area is vital to a successful move!

4. Not Having the Time to Clean and Repair Stuff

Not having the time to clean and repair a mistake should not be overlooked when creating a moving timeline checklist. Homeowners should ensure there is an adequate amount of time allocated for cleaning, repairing, and any other tasks.

It’s very important to remove any molds or other related issues that could cause health problems. Failure to do so can lead to respiratory issues or additional health concerns. Taking the time to hire a professional like certifiedmoldremoval.com is highly recommended. It’s not worth risking the health of those living in the new home.

Professional help may also be required for other issues such as fixing faulty wiring, and plumbing leaks, and patching up worn spots on walls, floors, or carpets. Homeowners should factor in the cost of hiring professional help if they wish to be on the safe side.

5. Forgetting to Notify Important Services

Forgetting to notify essential services is also a common mistake you should avoid. It is a must to include changing your address and notifying banks and other important services when coming up with the plan for your move.

Mail delivery will suffer if you don’t inform organizations when you move and bills could be sent to your old address. This will cause them to go unpaid and perhaps create legal complications. It would also be advisable to inform insurance companies of any intended moves, in case of any unforeseen circumstances or address changes.

Additionally, you should find out before you make the move whether your current online services such as streaming or phone companies have service in your new location. Researching what services are available in the area you moving to could prevent any potential hiccups when you move. This is particularly important if those services are essential to you.

Have You Created Your Moving Timeline Checklist Yet?

In conclusion, creating a moving timeline checklist is essential to having a smooth and stress-free move. To get it right, be sure to avoid the common mistakes that come with planning a move. Above all, remember to stay organized and be flexible along the way.

Start planning your move today and make sure it goes off without a hitch!

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