6 Renovations That May Increase the Value of Your Home

Are you excited to transform your house into a comfortable environment while boosting its value? If yes, read on. 

Home improvement projects offer a great opportunity to modernize your living space to your needs and preferences, let alone increase its resale value. Also, if we consider the housing crisis in the previous year, home sales have decreased significantly. 

For instance, if we look at the competitive housing market trend in Muskegon, the median sale price of a house has decreased almost 20.1% since last year. This all comes down to rising interest rates and inflation, cutting into the buyer’s budget and tempered demand. 

However, the housing market still favors prepared sellers. To make the most of it, many smart homeowners are undertaking simple yet effective renovation projects that not only help them build wealth through home equity but also make their homes aesthetically appealing. To help you do the same, in this article, we discuss six major home improvements that can help you navigate the housing market and potentially the value of your home. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Remodel Your Bathroom

Most homeowners often neglect the fact bathrooms are the spaces that sell homes. If you smartly remodel your bathroom, you can gain 100% of an even higher return on your investment, depending on your budget and chosen finishes. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most easily manageable and valuable upgrades to boost the resale value of your home. 

However, before you start the project, run a local search on contractors in your area. For example, you could search for the best companies offering bathroom remodels in Muskegon to ensure you find reliable contractors. Also, if you are unable to afford a complete overhaul, start with minor changes like installing a durable or stylish tub, replacing old wallpaper with textured/faux finish, or updating lighting to give a more modern appeal. Similarly, you can replace old faucets, toilets, and showerheads with more energy-efficient options. 

Replace the Front Door

Most homeowners often fail to realize that replacing the front door is an investment worth your time and money. Also, considering how old and worn-out your front door is, it may already need replacement. Since it is the most prominent part of your home’s front, installing an aesthetically appealing door or one that perfectly aligns with your overall home’s exterior and neighborhood may significantly increase your home’s value while making it appear extremely appealing from the curb. 

Also, considering it is an entryway into the home, maintaining or replacing the front door using energy-efficient options like a fiberglass front door is an excellent way to attract potential buyers and create a lasting impression, let alone save money on utility bills.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Regardless of the size of a house, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home. It is the space that can significantly impact a house’s resale value; this is exactly why smart homebuyers always prefer a property with a functional and modern kitchen. Therefore, upgrading your kitchen is one of the best opportunities for you to increase the value of your house while increasing its functionality. 

You can start with the remodeling project by upgrading outdated appliances with energy-efficient fixtures. It will also help you save on energy bills in the long run. Likewise, replace old cabinets with newer and modern options and replace dated or worn-out countertops with granite. Another way is to maximize the storage space by making simple design changes like removing non-load-bearing walls. 

However, if you are unable to undertake the changes above, you can still transform your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint or by installing modern lighting or a Kitchen Island to help make a noticeable difference to the overall appeal. 

Spruce Up the Landscaping

It is no secret that keeping up with regular lawn maintenance and mowing makes for a more pristine yard throughout the year. But you can take it to the next level by planting or re-mulching some seasonal, fun flowers. Simply imagine the seasons when the flowers bloom, and you can get a colorful, beautiful yard year-round. This will not only look amazingly beautiful, improving your house’s curb appeal, but it may also help significantly boost its resale value. 

For instance, during spring, your best option is to go with tulips or daisies. Similarly, you can bloom zinnias and sunflowers that will surely thrive during the summer. However, before you start planting flowers, do some research into which seasonal flowers are more likely to flourish and if they can help make your landscape look good year-round. Also, you can add some fresh mulch around the new flowers to add a finished, clean look, adding charm to your house. 

Invest in Energy-Efficient Fixtures

Just like many inexperienced homeowners, if you also think that making your home more energy-efficient is ineffectual, you’re wrong. When you use environmentally friendly and energy-saving enhancements, it is not only good for the planet and your pocket but also your property. Moreover, it can help you save big bucks on energy bills in the long run. 

For instance, you can install energy-efficient lighting, windows, appliances, siding, or doors. Similarly, you can ensure energy conservation by landscaping or installing solar panels on your house. 

Fix Imperfections

The last thing any potential buyer wants to see alongside the beautiful home is a dented gutter or cracked driveway. Fixing imperfections is a good way to improve your house’s overall look and modernize it without making costly changes. 

For instance, if you have a worn driveway, give it a power wash and elevate your house exterior relatively cheaply. Similarly, looking for different exterior imperfections and fixing them alongside can eventually help increase your home’s value. 


The best way to earn profit and grow equity is to boost your home’s value by making smart improvements. So, start implementing the simple yet effective home improvement ideas discussed above to update and beautify your home. However, remember that not all remodeling projects may work in your favor. Thus, take as many ideas as you need but only opt for easily manageable ones that complement your home’s style, your preferences, and your home’s value. Good luck!