7 Hair Style Trends to Try in 2023

Are you looking for an inspiring new look this year?

If you’re looking to make a bold move this year, there’s no better way to do so than with a new hairstyle. With the new year, comes new hair trends, so if you’re a little bored with your current look, now’s the best time to make a change.

You can do whatever you want to make yourself feel beautiful, but these are a few of the hottest hair style trends to try out this year.

1. The Butterfly Cut

The Butterfly Cut is an up-and-coming hairstyle trend to try in 2023. This cut was created to give hair a unique, romantic look with the help of its layered side fringes that frame the face and cover the cheeks. The back is kept shorter, and the hair is shaped around the face to create a subtle volume that is light and easy to care for.

The beauty of this cut is that it can be easily adapted to any hair texture, length, or face shape, allowing you to be creative with different looks. To style, separate the hair horizontally just above the ears then comb the fringes forward and create an edge with scissors to create a feathery finish. Add product for texture and light, airy movement and you have a modern cut that is both stylish and soft. 

2. Layers Style

One of the most popular trends to try in 2023 is layers. The layering technique adds texture and dimension to any hair type: thick and thin alike. The layers provide fullness, movement, and body and are perfect for creating styles like long curls, beachy waves, and the classic bob. You can go for choppy layers for a shaggy vibe or textured layers for volume.

You can also opt for long layers for a more feminine look. Layers also frame your face, so whatever your face shape, layers can be tailored to best fit your style. Styling your hair with layers also offers endless possibilities, making a classic style modern and fresh.

3. The Short Bob

There is no doubt that the classic bob quickly became a staple look for women everywhere. The modern version of the short bob for 2023 will consist of bobs that are cut anywhere from jaw level to a few inches below the chin. This look will frame the face nicely, creating natural volume.

There will still be a focus on the traditional bob look, but the versatility of the short bob will be highlighted. Slightly choppy bangs and face-framing texture will help create stylish edginess to the look. The short bob can be enhanced with several styling techniques.

Enhance natural texture for a beachy-wave look, or opt for straight styling with a bit of shine serum. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with color! Popular trends for 2023 include bold hair colors such as blues, pinks, and purples or a more subtle balayage. 

4. Octopus Haircut

This daring style is all about volume, texture, and boldness, with the main feature being a set of roped braids that spiral away from the top of the head like tentacles. Carefully placed curled strands of hair add to the creature’s appeal and can be customized in many ways. Be sure to get your hair stylist to use a stronger gel or wax to keep this look on fleek!

Show off your inner confidence and embrace this brave and playful hairstyle to turn heads in 2023. You can learn these hairstyles after cosmetology school.

5. Wolf Cut 

This hairstyle features short, cropped hair on the sides and back, often combined with a longer length on the top. It’s a fresh, modern look perfect for any age or face shape and leaves room to play around with different textures, lengths, and aesthetics. Alternatively, wispy bangs and mid-length sides are a popular choice amongst the trendiest of hair-doers.

Additionally, the wolf haircut also allows men to experiment with a messy, textured style, which can create a striking look no matter the occasion. To pull off this look, ensure that the layers of the cut are distinct and proportioned. To complete the look, you can add texture with styling products and equip yourself with a reliable hairdryer and a good-quality styling comb.

6. Full Curls

This look is versatile and flattering, and the look is easy to maintain all year round. For those wanting a glamorous, full-bodied look, full curls are the way to go. Full curls are easy to achieve with the help of a curling iron, making your locks softer and shinier.

The texture of the curls also adds depth and volume. To achieve this look, make sure to use a nourishing heat protectant before using a curling iron to save your strands from any heat damage. Adding a serum afterward will help the curls stay in place throughout the day.

Accessorizing the look with a cute headband or a ribbon is a great way to add color and more glamor to the look. Finally, make sure to keep your curls hydrated with a moisturizing hairspray so they don’t crack or break.

7. Bottleneck Bangs

This look features a unique “diamond” or “V” shape cut into the hair, just above the eyes, resulting in a chic and eye-catching look. To achieve bottleneck bangs, your stylist will part the hair at the crown of your head and section off a long portion just above the forehead before cutting a v-shaped angle on each side. 

The result is a more multifaceted look than the typical straight-across fringe. Those with round faces will benefit most from this versatile look, as it creates the illusion of an elongated face. Those with thick and straight hair will also find this look particularly flattering.

Here Are the 7 Hair Style Trends to Try in 2023

2023 hair style trends will be bold and bolder than ever. Try experimenting with daring hair colors, unique textures, and plenty of intricate styling techniques to stand out from the crowd. Try these hairstyle trends for yourself, and you’ll be sure to rock them!

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