7 Neighborhood Amenities to Look For When You Are Buying a Home

When you’re buying a home, you want everything to be perfect. From finding the perfect layout to ensuring the process goes smoothly, there are so many steps in the process. But your lifestyle is so much more than the house you buy. It also includes the community you live in. There are many great amenities that make a neighborhood great. Here are some you can look for when buying a home:


Walkability is a measure of how easy it is to walk from one place to another. If you have young children, elderly parents, or pets, or if you simply enjoy walking for exercise and relaxation, the ability to walk around your neighborhood will be important.

Walkable neighborhoods are more desirable than those that are not because they offer better safety when you are walking around. Neighborhoods that are walkable often have sidewalks, parks, and activities in close proximity.

Good Access to Main Roads and Highways

As you’re looking for a home, it’s important to consider how easy it is to access main roads and highways. This is especially true if you need to commute using these roads to get to work. In addition, having easy access to main roads can help you get around town more efficiently so that all of your errands can be done in less time.

Proximity to Beaches, Lakes, and Nature

If you’re looking for a neighborhood that’s close to the beach, lake, or nature there are plenty of options. California has great neighborhoods north of Los Angeles like Ventura or even Port Hueneme homes for sale that are close to the beach.

You can find homes in the Rocky Mountains near Vail with access to the mountains as well. It’s important to consider your lifestyle and your needs as well as look for how close your home will be to these great outdoor options.

Parks, Trails, and Bike Paths

Parks and trails are a great way to get exercise, whether you’re using them for walking, running, or biking. If you have kids, they can go play at the park while you work out. You can also meet up with friends and make new ones. Aside from traveling to the mountains or spending a day at the beach, having a nearby park can be a lifesaver for families with small kids.

Access to Gyms and Fitness Centers

A fitness center is a great amenity to look for in a neighborhood. If you want to stay healthy and active, it’s important that your home has easy access to gyms and fitness centers. There are all sorts of places out there.

From options that include cardio machines and hand weights to those that include pools and luxury spa amenities. A good local gym can also give you a place to wind down and relax after work or take the whole family for regular workouts.

Local Restaurants and Entertainment

When you are looking for a new home, you might want to include restaurants and entertainment options in your search. If you love to eat at different kinds of restaurants, it’s likely you’ll want a home with options nearby. Think about the entertainment venues and eateries that will impact everyone in your family.

Places to Shop

Living in the country for instance may limit your access to stores. While you may not need a shopping mall around the corner, it doesn’t hurt to have a few grocery store options as well as some places to buy things like new clothing, makeup, and gifts. Buying a new home should help you balance your needs for the house itself along with your needs for community and amenities that suit your wants and your lifestyle. Choose a home that has what you need inside and outside.


While finding a house means considering how many bedrooms you need, how much space you need, and how big of a yard is best, it also means considering the community where you will live. Depending on your needs and if you have children bog or small, you may choose different options. Families with littles may want a neighborhood park close by while those with big kids may prefer outdoor adventures like bike trails.