A Guide to U.S. Commemorative Coins

Are you looking for a new hobby? Consider collecting commemorative coins.

In 2022, the market for collecting coins was estimated to be worth about $11.5 billion. Commemorative coins have value as investments and historical artifacts. Collecting commemorative coins is an exciting hobby that will teach you American history and give you valuable insight into the market.

Are you interested in learning more about collecting American commemorative coins? Are you wondering which coins to buy?

This guide to US commemorative coins covers the most popular kinds of coins. To invest in silver and gold coins, read on to start your new hobby now.

Overview of US Commemorative Coins

The US commemorative coins were issued to mark historic events and to honor great individuals. The first US commemorative coins were introduced in 1892. Since then, coins featuring portraits of prominent figures, places, and anniversaries have been produced until today.

It promotes public awareness of important moments in US history and honors the nation’s legendary figures. Also, the coins have served as a valuable hobby. They have produced unique products that promote the numismatic heritage of the United States.

Different Types of US Commemorative Coin Mints

The US Mint is the sole producer of all United States coinages. Different types of US commemorative coins include silver, platinum, and gold coins, and each has its purpose and design. It creates a variety of coins, from standard circulation coins to one-of-a-kind commemorative coins.

Commemorative coins carry an intrinsic value, besides collector value, because of their beautiful designs.

Kennedy Half Dollar

The Kennedy Half Dollar is an American commemorative coin introduced in 1964, the year of US President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. The coin features a portrait of President Kennedy on the obverse and the Presidential Seal on the reverse.

Furthermore, the coin was the first US commemorative coin to feature both a living president and a Kennedy. If you want to learn more about the 1964 half dollar value, check out here for more info. They are popular with collectors and considered one of the most desirable pieces of modern US coins.

Bill of Rights Silver Dollar

The US Commemorative Coins Bill of Rights Silver Dollar symbolizes the years leading up to and the ratification of the “Bill of Rights”. This coin was issued in 1989 as America looked toward its bicentennial of the signing of the Bill of Rights.

The obverse of the coin features Lady Liberty joined by Justice holding a replica of the first ten amendments. And the reverse features the five freedoms in the Bill of Rights.

The dignified design of the coin serves as a visual reminder of the first ten amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Also, it celebrates our nation’s commitment to human rights, justice, and liberty.

The limited mintage of these silver coins has made them a desirable item amongst collectors and anyone else looking to collect pieces that celebrate America’s history and spirit of freedom.

Eisenhower Coin

The Eisenhower Coin is a commemorative coin issued by the United States in honor of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The coin was first issued in 1971 and had a face value of one dollar.

It is a silver dollar that has the likeness of Eisenhower on the obverse side. It has the inscriptions of his name, his birth and death years, and the words “Liberty” and “In God We Trust.”

The reverse side has an eagle on the Moon, symbolizing US space achievements during the Eisenhower administration. It has the inscriptions “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and the denomination.

1987 Constitution Silver Dollar

The 1987 Constitution Silver Dollar is a US commemorative coin released in 1987. This is to honor the bicentennial of the United States Constitution.

The obverse side features the words of the United States Constitution, with “We the People” in the middle, some parchment, and a quill pen. The reverse has a picture of 13 different persons meant to reflect the wide cultural and social diversity of the U.S.

An extensive focus was placed on the coin’s design to honor the Constitution’s anniversary. The coin was highly praised for its durability and craftsmanship.

1991 USO Commemorative Silver Dollar

The 1991 USO Commemorative Silver Dollar is a meaningful coin that honors the fiftieth anniversary of the USO. It celebrates the efforts of its volunteers who work around the world. It provides morale services to military members and their families.

The obverse features an eagle poised atop the globe, and the reverse features a United Service Organizations logo. John Mercanti did the designs.

The coin is 90 percent silver, giving it a striking appearance with a gleam and sparkle when struck in the light. It is a timeless reminder beauty of the United States and a tribute to the work of the USO.

Mount Rushmore National Memorial Coin

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial Coin serves as a great testimony to the presidents that occupy the granite mountainside. It captures the spirit and beauty of this beloved National Memorial in a timeless form.

The coin incorporates a great range of colors and images. It symbolically communicates America’s appreciation for the greatness of the leaders that have made a significant impact on our nation.

The Mount Rushmore National Memorial Coin features four iconic characters. They are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

How to Collect and Store US Commemorative Coins

When collecting commemorative coins, it is vital to research their value to ensure that the coin being purchased is the proper investment desired. Storing commemorative coins can be a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Keep away the coins from extreme temperatures.

Store them in archival-safe holders and a safe environment away from high humidity. Protect them from physical damage and contact with other items. It is best to store coins in original mint packaging, a hardwood box with compartments for individual coins, or a locked coin album.

Start Your U.S. Commemorative Coins Collection Today

US commemorative coins can be a great way to start or add to a collection and provide a unique way to explore US history. Investigate the wide variety of options available and learn how to collect and store them. These include the Kennedy Half Dollar, Eisenhower Coin, Bill of Rights Silver Dollar, 1987 Constitution Silver Dollar, 1991 USO Commemorative Silver Dollar, and Mount Rushmore National Memorial Coin.

Start or grow your own US commemorative coins collection and invest in gold, silver, and platinum coins today!

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