Are Training Courses Available for The Boeing 737 Max?

The Boeing 737 Max has been in operation by several airlines around the world since it was certified by the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2017. If you’re interested in learning to operate this aircraft, you can choose between an online or a classroom-based course. Both types will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to safely fly this airbus. Boeing 737 Max training courses are available for current and aspiring pilots, as well as flight attendants. Some of them include:

Initial and Recurrent Course

Recurrent training is designed to provide pilots with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely operate it. It begins with a comprehensive ground school, which covers topics such as aircraft systems, performance, and emergency procedures. Pilots can then proceed to receive simulator training, which allows them to practice flying the aircraft under various conditions. 

Interactive Systems Diagrams

Designed for current and aspiring pilots, this course focuses on the electronic systems of the Boeing 737 Max. It is rendered in a real-time, interactive format, and is packed with diagrams, animations, and videos that help pilots understand how these systems work.

Flight Attendant Training

This course is designed specifically for flight attendants who want to learn more about the B737 Max. It covers topics such as safety equipment, emergency procedures, evacuation techniques, and first aid. It is often delivered in a classroom setting and includes both theoretical and practicals.

Cockpit Procedures Training

As a pilot who will be flying regularly, it is important to maintain your knowledge and skills in all areas of cockpit procedures. This course covers topics such as air traffic control communication, crew management, and weather conditions. It might also include simulator use, so you can practice flying in different scenarios.

Differences Training

This course is designed for c pilots who will be flying the Boeing 737 Max alongside other aircrafts. It is also designed to help pilots safely transition between different types of aircraft, by providing them with detailed knowledge and skills in areas like flight management systems, automation, and navigation.

FMS Skills Training

This course is designed to help pilots become proficient with the Flight Management System (FMS) of the aircraft. It includes standard procedure lessons, as well as more advanced lessons that cover topics such as flight planning, navigation, and performance calculations.

Walk Around Training

As a pilot operating the Boeing 737 Max, it is important to know how to conduct a thorough walk-around inspection. This course covers topics like pre-flight inspections and maintenance checks, so you can ensure that the aircraft is in optimal condition before taking off. It also includes practicals, where you can practice inspecting in a real-world setting.


Whether you are new to flying or an experienced pilot, there is a course that can help you stay up to date on the latest technologies and procedures in this aircraft. These include initial and recurrent courses, as well as specialized ones in areas like cockpit procedures, flight management systems, and automation. With the proper training, you can feel confident and prepared when flying the Boeing 737 Max.