Basic Pool Maintenance For First-Time Homeowners: 5 Must-Dos

Did you buy a new home with a pool? Are you wondering what you need to do to care for it?

Maintenance on a pool is a lot of work, and many first-time homeowners don’t have the time or the money to spend on it. You’ve already sunk so much into buying the home; how will you manage it?

Fear not, homebuyer! In this guide to essential pool maintenance for first-time homeowners, we’re here to help ensure your pool stays running and looks great for years.

1. Know Your Pool Filtration System

Filtering the pool helps keep the water clean and free of debris. One of the most important things you can do is clean your filter regularly. Check the pump for any blockage and perform backwashing if necessary.

2. Skim Away Surface Debris

This can include leaves, twigs, and other organic matter, which can dirty the water, reduce pool circulation and clog filters. To ensure the best pool quality and performance, using a net to remove surface debris every few days is essential. 

Make sure to clean your skimmer basket and net regularly and dispose of all eliminated debris. Keep children and pets away from the pool while performing swimming pool maintenance to ensure safety and prevent accidents.

3. Maintain Your pH Levels

To ensure that the water remains safe for swimming, the pH level should be kept between 7.2 and 7.6. To steady these levels, put additives such as baking soda and you should add muriatic acid in increments.

Testing supplies are also a must. Test strips, which measure the pH levels, should be used regularly to determine any adjustments that need to be made.

A routine schedule is essential to maintaining the pool’s pH levels. Additionally, the pool should be vacuumed weekly to ensure any dirt or debris does not contribute to the pH levels.

4. Clean Out the Pool Lines

The lines should be checked for any clogs or build-up of debris and dirt. It’s also essential to ensure that the return lines that bring the water back to the pool are clean and maintained. 

The lines should then be rinsed with a hose and scrubbed with an appropriate brush. It is essential to remove excess debris from the bars and ensure their function doesn’t diminish over time.

5. Regularly Replace Pool Chemicals

You must keep all chemical levels within recommended ranges for healthy pool water. A good rule of thumb is always to add chemicals in the evening or late at night when winds are calm and temperatures are more relaxed. This step is crucial to make sure your pool is clean and safe to use. Additionally, you can hire a Dallas pool service, cleaning, and maintenance company, or one local to you, to make sure your pool is completely safe.

This will help to prevent over-chlorinating and skin irritation in swimmers. Pool owners should check the chlorine levels and pH at least once a week, including a full test of the parameters.

If you are unsure about replacing the pool chemicals, you may seek the help of a pool maintenance service; take a look at Aqua Premier Pool Cleaners.

Understanding the Pool Maintenance

The five must-dos of essential pool maintenance for first-time homeowners help ensure a safe and healthy swimming experience for everyone. Maintaining pool regularly will help ensure it stays clean and operational for years. Take action now, and become an informed pool owner and swimmer!

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