Benefits and Tips of Studying Current Affairs

Banking exams comprise a wide range of topics in different sections. You will find a general awareness section in the main examination, unlike the preliminary examination. As the name suggests, general awareness is a study of current affairs, like day-to-day events and incidents. Students need to be aware of recent events regularly.

You can find monthly current affairs 2022 e-books on various bank preparation websites, which you can download and learn. But why is the general awareness section important? And how to prepare for the exam? To know more, continue reading this article. 

What are the benefits of studying current affairs?

Several competitive exams comprise general awareness and current affairs, including the banking exams. The topics include national news, science and technology, banking awareness, books and authors, etc. Many might consider this section unimportant, but there are benefits to being well-informed on current events. Here are some of the advantages. 

  1. It is helpful in interviews and group discussions: General awareness of current affairs is valuable in group discussions and interviews. Well, the interview section is the final round after prelims and mains. The interview panel can ask questions based on current events. For instance, they can ask you the definition of GDP and the current GDP rate in the economy. They might even ask you about the reverse and current repo rate of the year. In addition, for group discussions, you might get a topic like “Swachh Bharat Mission helps boost India’s tourism.” So, essentially, you must know how this mission started and why before beginning the group discussion. Hence, current affairs are helpful in interviews and group discussions.
  1. It does justice to your designation: Getting a job in reputed banks with a clerk or probationary officer designation will aid your career growth. As you climb the ladder, it is essential to know the recent happenings of the country. 
  1. It helps in decision-making: Decision-making skills are critical for any banking professional. So, to take the right decisions, you must be aware of the new RBI (Reserve Bank of India) policies. That’s not all; you will have to be aware of the recent happenings in India’s economy too. After all, dealing with financial matters can be risky, and bankers should acknowledge this act. It is the responsibility of the banking professional to keep a quick eye on the ill happenings or financial irregularities in the banking sector. 

How to prepare for the bank exam’s general awareness section?

It is imperative to stay updated with the current affairs of the country. You can get excellent scores if you are well-informed about recent happenings. Well, there are several ways to prepare for this section. Following are a few of them. 

  1. Use the internet wisely: You must utilise the internet wisely and judiciously. After all, you can check various bank exam preparation websites consisting of the current happenings in India. Social media can also been helpful in this scenario. 
  1. Read newspapers daily and watch the news: You can be aware of international and national events and incidents by reading newspapers daily. Banking aspirants can purchase a standard paper daily and read it regularly. You can also watch the news daily. It is crucial to remain updated about different segments like entertainment, business, politics and sports. 
  1. Follow informative magazines: Most informative magazines comprise recent events with tables, photos and charts. So, you can look for monthly or weekly journals to stay updated on current events. 

You can search for monthly current affairs 2022 e-books and begin taking notes. Make sure you check the previous year’s question papers to get a gist of the general awareness section.