What to Know About Second Home Mortgage Rates

If you have a primary residence, can you afford another? As Americans recently shed debt, the desire to own a second home has grown. From summer cottages to ski lodges, second homes promise respite, hobby opportunities, and a way to balance family and work. A second home mortgage comes with a different set of considerations, however. Before you start looking […]

Property Management Toronto: 3 Things To Look For in 2022

If you own property in Toronto, it’s important that you learn how to navigate the real estate market. Home sales in Canada were up nearly 5% recently, and you have plenty of property managers available that can help you out.¬† Finding the right¬†property investment professionals can help you get the most out of your Toronto real estate transactions. We’re happy […]

How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes When Smoking a Bong

Experts predict the cannabis industry will be worth an astonishing USD 70.6 billion by 2028. With an increase in cannabis sales, there is also likely to be a rise in the number of consumers looking for related paraphernalia. One of the most popular items could be the humble bong.  But, if you are new to smoking a bong, you might fall into one […]