Chuck Connors Spouse, Net Worth, Marriage

Learn about Chuck Connors spouse, net worth and career. His real name is Kevin Joseph Aloysius Connors. He was a former professional athlete, television personality, and author. He had a long television career, appearing on episodes such as Branded, Flipper, and The Rifleman in 1958. Besides experiencing success in television, Chuck also made accomplishments as an athlete.

Because of his skills in baseball and basketball, he was called up to play in both the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball. But evidently, he was good at many other things, too.

He played for well-known sports teams such as the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Celtics throughout his career as a professional athlete. Now let’s dive into Chuck’s personal life, where we discovered that he had been married three times. The following is what I have gathered about his wives.

Chuck Connors Spouses

Elizabeth Riddell 

Chuck’s first wife was Elizabeth Jane Riddell. According to rumors, they originally met during one of Chuck’s games. He was still a professional baseball player at the time.

Elizabeth fell in love with Chuck right away, and they began dating soon after. They got married on October 1, 1948.

Chuck and Elizabeth were married for 14 years before deciding to divorce. They had four children throughout that time span. Their children’s names are Steve, Kevin, Mike, and Jeff Connors.

Elizabeth Riddell was Chuck Connors spouse.

According to reports, Elizabeth died on February 27, 1992. She was 64 years old at the time. Only one of their sons, Steve, is still alive at the moment.

Chuck Connors’ Spouse Kamala Devi 

Kamala Devi was Chuck’s second wife and an actress of Indian heritage. She was born in Mumbai, India, on October 8, 1933. Devi has worked on numerous films over her career, including The Brass Bottle, Geronimo, and Harry Black.

Kamala met Chuck while they were both working on the Geronimo set. The couple got married the following year and were together for a decade.

Kamala Devi 

Chuck’s second marriage, like his first, ended in divorce in 1973. Chuck had no children with Kamala. A recent investigation revealed that Kamala had passed away. She died in Fairfax, Virginia.

Third Spouse Faith Quabius

Faith Quabius, Chuck’s third wife, was also an actress. Her filmography includes Standing Tall, Soylent Green, and the Mad Bomber. Faith was born on February 5, 1940. That means she will turn 82 years old in 2022.

Like his previous relationship, Chuck also met Faith on a movie set. They met on the set of Richard Fleischer’s film Soylent Green.

Faith Quabius

The pair’s romance immediately blossomed, and they began dating. Chuck Connors spouse has always been a topic for tabloids. After dating for about four years, they made it official in 1977. Chuck’s third marriage is the shortest. It lasted only two years before it ended in divorce.

Who was Chuck Connors? 

Chuck Connors was a veteran actor with almost four decades of experience. Surprisingly, he has over 130 film credits throughout his career as an actor. That is a lot more movies than the majority of Hollywood talent combined.

His first appearance was in the film Pat and Mike in 1952. Since then, he’s appeared in a slew of critically acclaimed films, including Target Zero, Dear Phoebe, Hell’s Heroes, and Skinheads.

Chuck was born in New York on April 10, 1921. He was a renowned athlete before becoming an actor. His first athlete career was in the Minor leagues in the early 1940s. Six years later, Chuck Connors made a switch to basketball.

Later in life, Connors shifted his concentration to humanitarian activities. He organized a charity golf tournament, which raised more than $400,000 for children with disabilities. Chuck Connors passed away on November 10, 1992, after a long fight with lung cancer.

He allegedly developed this disease after smoking three packs of cigarettes every day for more than three decades. He ultimately came to a halt, but the harm had already been done. Many still believe that he would have lived a lot longer and he weren’t a heavy smoker.

Chuck Connors’ Net Worth 

According to reports, Chuck Connors’ net worth was $5 million when he died. He accumulated this fortune during his lengthy career in Hollywood.

Old Yeller, one of his flicks, grossed approximately $6.25 million at the box office. In today’s dollars, 2022, this equates to more than $61 million when adjusted for inflation.