Cigars for Beginners: A Quick Guide

Are you new to the cigar culture?

Cigars are a pervasive experience with a vast range of flavors and aromas that opens up a door to a world of flavor in taste and smell. They are one of the best sensory experiences you can get, with an indulgence in taste and feel that no other form of tobacco offers.

Luckily, we’ve compiled smoking tips for cigars for beginners. Here is everything you need to know to learn to smoke the best cigars for beginners.

How to Choose Your First Cigar

Cigars for beginners can be a challenge to choose from. Knowing where to start with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and flavors can be difficult. However, some essential buying tips can help you to choose the best cigar for your first experience.

Consider the difference between hand-made and machine-made cigars. Generally, hand-made cigars are better quality than machine-made ones and can offer a richer flavor.

Also, consider its size, strength, and taste. Larger cigars with more filler are more full-bodied and provide a more intense flavor than smaller, milder cigars.

Determine how often you plan to smoke. If you’re only smoking occasionally, opt for a milder cigar; if you’re a frequent smoker, choose a more decadent cigar.

What Kinds of Cigars Are Best for Beginners

For those just getting into the world of cigars, knowing what types of cigars are best suited for beginners is essential. Generally, milder cigars are recommended for those starting; these include Connecticut, Dominican, and Cuban blends.

The length and ring gauge of the cigar is also essential as a larger gauge and length can make for a longer burning, less harsh smoke. You can try A Turrent Cigars, which are medium-bodied and originated from Mexico.

Some cigar smokers suggest starting with cigars that offer a Connecticut Shade wrapper. This kind of cigar has a light, mellow flavor and doesn’t have the same “spiciness” that some of the stronger wrappers have. Furthermore, many cigar smokers suggest avoiding cigars from cigar factories or with “Cuban-style” wrappers- these tend to be quite strong and intense for those just beginning their cigar journey.

How to Smoke Cigars to Maximize the Flavor

Learning to cut, light, and smoke a cigar is essential for beginners. When cutting, you will want to make a clean vertical cut to obtain a smooth draw. Before lighting up, sniff the foot of the cigar and take a moment to appreciate the bouquet of flavors.

Light the cigar evenly, holding it at a 45-degree angle and drawing in the smoke. Taking slow and steady draws will provide an even burn.

Be sure to rest the cigar in an ashtray for about thirty seconds to a minute between draws to help it stay lit. After a few draws, the cigar will taste more flavorful, rewarding you for your efforts.

Consider These Smoking Tips When Lighting Cigars

Cigars are an enjoyable pastime that can be a pleasant experience when taken correctly. Beginners should start with mild cigars, try various best flavors, and practice cutting and lighting techniques. The key to successful cigar smoking is experimentation and practice.

Start learning these smoking tips, and enjoy the cigar lifestyle! 

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