Do you have some signed first edition books on your hands and are wondering how much you can get for them? Learn more here.

How Much Can You Get for Signed First Edition Books? What To Know

Do you have first edition books on hand, crowding up your space?

Well, you may be able to get some money out of your old books. But, how much money are they actually worth?

Read on to learn about how much money you can get for signed first edition books.

It Depends On The Book

Depending on how well known the book or author of the books you have is, you’ll have more or less luck making money of it. Basically, there needs to actually be some demand for your first editions. If no one’s looking for your book, no one will want to buy it.

And, rare books will be worth more than ones you can find on any corner. If an author rarely signs their books, the value of a signed first edition will be worth more.

Books with first editions that were released in large quantities will also be worth less, because there will be a much larger quantity of these books on the market. So, later books by famous authors are likely to be worth less money.

Look your book up online, and see if there are other copies up for sale. This will give you some idea of what your first edition book is worth.

The Inscription Matters

What the signature is will also play a role in how much you make off a book. If the signature you have is an autopen signature, it won’t add any more value to your first edition. A normal signature that’s just of the author’s name will add some value. This is sometimes called a flat signed book.

Some inscriptions, personalized messages, can add value, but some can actually decrease the book’s value. And, of course, the most valuable kind of inscription is an association copy, an inscription made out to a well-known person that the author is associated with.

But, an inscription has to be legitimate in order to add value to your first edition book.

Consider The Condition

Like with any type of collectible, the condition of your first edition book will affect its value. The better condition it’s in, the more it will be worth. You can get a professional appraisal to assess what condition your first edition books are in.

Choose Your Buyers Carefully

How you sell and who you sell to will affect how much money you get. You can sell your first editions piecemeal, or all at once. Depending on what’s in your collection, and the rarity of your books, it may make sense to sell some of your books individually and some in bulk.

If you’re trying to sell large quantities of books, you should check out Cash For Your Books.

Signed First Edition Books: Get Money Today

With this information, you should be able to get the most possible money for your signed first edition books.

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