How to Choose a Family-Friendly Restaurant With a Menu to Please Everyone

Eating out with kids can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. No one wants their kid to throw a tantrum in public and make dining miserable for everyone else. Choosing the right restaurant can make a difference. Fortunately, many restaurants know how to cater to families with children by offering a menu to please everyone and providing amenities that help keep the little ones happy.


Choosing a restaurant can be challenging, especially when you have kids. They can be picky eaters, and they often make a scene when eating out, which is why many parents prefer to choose restaurants that are kid friendly. These restaurants are designed to make families feel welcome and offer various food options for all family members.

When selecting a restaurant, it’s important to check the reviews online and find out how well the establishment accommodates children. Some family-friendly places have special children’s menus that bundle drinks and desserts; others provide special cutlery and crockery for young ones. These simple touches can go a long way to ease parents’ minds and prevent arguments between children over whether or not they want to eat their dinner.

For instance, some London Square restaurants also offer play areas to help the kids burn off energy before or after meals. These areas can vary from a box of old toys in the corner to an indoor jungle gym or play area. A bored child can quickly become cranky, so a restaurant must have a space where kids can be themselves and relax while their parents enjoy the food and company. These restaurants should also be clean and free from potential hazards that can distract kids, such as candles, pot plants, or power outlets.


Dining out with kids can be a pleasant experience or the stuff of nightmares. The difference between the two usually comes down to a restaurant that welcomes babies, toddlers, and children, not just tolerates them. There are some easy things that restaurants can do to make their establishment family-friendly, including providing high chairs and booster seats (call ahead for availability), offering a set of crayons or a kid’s menu with food options to please the pickiest eater, having a play area and ensuring there is space to move around.

Many restaurants that cater to families also offer children’s meals, which are often lower in price and bundle together a drink and dessert. This means kids will be likelier to eat their entire meal and not complain or become bored. Kids who are bored or feel that their meal is not satisfying will typically start throwing tantrums, which can ruin the dining experience for everyone.


Dining out can be a pleasant experience for the whole family. But, sometimes, it can become stressful if restaurants fail to make the necessary adjustments for families. Families need high chairs or booster seats (preferably with a spot to store them when not in use), kid-friendly menu options, fair prices, and a play area. Restaurants considered child friendly generally offer food items that appeal to kids, such as vegetable sticks with various dips or pizza in fun shapes. Providing them with familiar choices can help make them feel more confident and capable in the restaurant. Many restaurants that are considered child friendly also provide entertainment to keep children entertained, such as activity placemats or coloring materials. This can help distract them from their fussy or noisy behavior and give them something to focus on besides their meal. Lastly, the best family-friendly restaurants will carefully bring the food out quickly and at an appropriate temperature for kids. It’s never good to let a bowl of hot soup burn a child’s hands, and they usually want their meals as soon as possible. They may also become bored or angry if they wait too long for dinner.


The service of a restaurant can make or break the experience for a family with children. Good wait staff will be patient and understand the needs of families with children, and a friendly attitude towards kids is important to keep them coming back. Many restaurants that cater to families offer high chairs, large comfortable restrooms with changing tables, and a variety of menu items that can accommodate food allergies or picky eaters. Some even provide coloring placemats and crayons to help keep the kids entertained. In addition, restaurants that cater to families often have larger booths or tables to allow more privacy and space for the kids to spread out. Having ample space for strollers and car seats is also beneficial. A kid-friendly atmosphere will set your establishment apart from the competition and ensure families return for future visits. If you’re looking for a family-friendly restaurant, ask friends which places they enjoy and recommend. You can also check out online reviews to see what other diners say about the experience at a particular restaurant.