How to Start a Personal Trainer Business Successfully

In this guide, we explain how to start a personal trainer business that engages, keeps, and grows clients.

Trainers are a special breed of fitness enthusiasts. They enjoy tearing up the gym floor and watching people succeed as they learn to perform exercises more easily and become more fit. It isn’t an easy job to be a personal trainer – you get out of it what you put into it.

What does a personal trainer do?

Knowing exactly what such a venture entails is the first step to starting a successful personal trainer business. With 1:1 support, the personal trainer provides their clients with the highest level of effectiveness and excellent service in the field of sports and nutrition. The first step in an effective cooperation is to determine the physical condition of the customer through an introductory anamnesis interview.

Being a personal trainer is not a simple job – it’s one of those jobs where you get out of it what you put into it and most embark upon this path by completing online personal trainer certification courses.

A tailor-made training plan is developed, consisting of office training, in nature or a gym under personal trainer guidance, that is designed to help the customer reach their fitness goals. Expert briefings on the exercises are key to ensuring that the training is efficient and effective; moreover, motivational aids are always available to keep the customer on track.

How to start a personal trainer business

Finding steady clients who will pay your hard-earned money takes a lot of networking and outreach. In order to attract and increase clientele and interest in their services, aspiring personal trainers can do a few things when starting a personal trainer business.

Give Out Free Trial Sessions

It is common for people who are interested in personal training to want to get to know what it is like before signing up. They typically want to “get a feel” for how you work and if they think that your technique is correct. Therefore, offering free trial sessions as part of how to start a persona trainer business is a good idea.

If possible, work on some exercises that they would not normally do during their regular sessions. This will help them understand your teaching style and help you see things from their perspective.

Try to offer free trial sessions once or twice a year to those who might be interested in your services but are not yet convinced. Signups will be more likely to stay with it, and training sessions will seem less intimidating.

Start a YouTube Channel For Your Brand

YouTube is a great way for beginners to get started in the world of fitness personas. With just your smartphone and a few helpful tips, you can start recording informative videos about your favorite workouts. Then, when you’re ready, you can create more advanced workout videos that you can edit on your computer. Creating a fitness channel is an ideal way to increase engagement rate with your audience. Fitness YouTubers with millions of subscribers are always keeping their followers updated with the latest news, advice, and updates related to fitness.

In addition to providing viewers with access to your personal training services, YouTube provides an opportunity for viewers to ask questions about specific topics you cover in your videos.

Get Certified By A Professional Board

Among the most prestigious organizations, ACE is one of the best personal trainer certifications to achieve for establishing your credentials as an expert in fitness. Besides certifying personal trainers, the council also provides several resources, such as books and educational materials, which can help you start a personal trainer business.

Certified personal trainers who become members benefit from access to many educational resources that help them earn more income. The commission organizes health expos, conferences, and studies related to keeping fit.

Network With Other Trusted Trainers

Due to the amount of time spent working with clients and the amount of work that goes into owning a business, it can be difficult to succeed as a personal trainer working alone. For how to start a personal trainer business, you can network in many ways, but here are just a few:

Take part in conferences and events organized by organizations such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) or American Council on Exercise (ACE). Networking, continuing education, or fitness competitions like the Arnold Fitness Expo can all be a benefit from these events. You can also follow trainers in your area on social media, such as Facebook groups, Instagram, and Twitter.

Offer Discounts For Referrals

You can increase your client base by offering discounts for referring others using a variety of channels, including social media, direct mail, or word-of-mouth referrals. Providing a way to track it (usually via referral codes) will allow more people to try out a personal trainer at a discounted rate as long as there is some way to track it.

It is important to make it clear to the client that they must refer others if they wish to receive discounts or free sessions. Let people know about this method on your website and social media throughout the year if you find it works to grow your clientele.

Use Digital Marketing

Technology and social media must be embraced by personal trainers. Utilize websites like Instagram and YouTube, where people can like/follow you and see your work ethic. To grow your business, exchange services for discounts on the products or services of other businesses.