How to Start a Property Management Company: A Brief Guide

On average, landlords manage 6 repair calls from each of their investment properties. That’s a lot of work and your new property management company can relieve them of that responsibility. 

Do you love real estate investing? Do you want to know how to start a property management company? Here are some great tips to get you started.

Research a Property Management Career

Look at other property management companies in your area. Before you start a property management company it’s helpful to get a sense of the competition. You may be able to identify an underserved niche in the market.

When investigating how to become a property manager, you need to know the required certifications and licenses to operate in your state. Then you’ll want to think about the structure of your operations. You can start as a sole proprietor and do the general property management work yourself.

You can add staff as you grow, and assign specific duties as required. Don’t forget to consider outsourcing some of your work. There are a lot of ways to find assistants without hiring full-time staff.

Planning and Creation

Create a comprehensive business plan that includes a budget. When asked how much it costs to start a property management company, you can show them your calculations. Choose a company name and create a brand that stands out in the industry.

Set up a professional website so your clients can discover you online. Consult a lawyer to register your name and obtain adequate insurance coverage for your operations. Look into sources of financing and make some inquiries.

Be prepared for any cash flow shortfalls. Lease an office if you need the space, or you could begin by working from your home. 

Automate Your Data Processing

You can begin with a simple spreadsheet but a property management business involves a lot of paperwork processing. Choose a bookkeeping system that allows you to track costs online. 

There are many automation tools available to reduce paperwork and improve communications for your team. Learn more about automating your workflow at Yardi Breeze consulting. They have some great ideas to streamline your operations.

Build Relationships To Build Your Business

When you’re wondering how to start a property management business, the best thing you can do is network. Find a way to meet the property owners in your community. Join local business organizations and become involved with local events. 

Tell your friends and family what you are building and ask them for referrals. Provide outstanding service in every situation, while remaining professional. Once you have a few clients, they will be a potential source of new business. 

How to Start a Property Management Company

Now that you have some great tips for how to start a property management company, you can get your small business going with confidence. When you put in the work, your business can reach its full potential. 

We hope you found some great ideas in this article. If so, be sure to use the search feature to check out more small business tips.