Most Common Causes of Garage Door Repairs

It might be risky to use your garage door if you’ve found a problem with it until a fix is made. A garage door may become worn out due to aging, severe weather, or even physical elements. It is risky and is best left to a garage door service and repair Kerman, CA. Before using your garage door, try to identify the issue if it becomes stuck or exhibits resistance when opening or closing. A garage door is a huge safety hazard for people and property when broken. 

Misaligned Tracks

A misaligned track can make your garage door difficult to open and close. It can happen because a large object has knocked the track out of alignment. Sometimes, the problem will go undetected until it causes a loud rubbing noise or a door to slow down.

Broken Springs

A broken spring is one of the most common causes of garage door repairs. Broken springs put extra pressure on the door rollers, which can break under pressure. A broken spring must be replaced before the door can be used again.

Damaged Photo Eyes

Dirty photo eyes can cause the door to close or open partially without a prompt signal. It can also be caused by excessive moisture and harsh rainstorms. Check the photo eye cord for any water damage or rips to fix the problem. If the wires are damaged, replace the photo eye sensor.

Misaligned Rollers

When a garage door is off balance, it will cause the door to jerk or swing unevenly. Damaged rollers or tracks can cause this. Rollers should be as evenly spaced as possible. If they are not, the door will be off balance and may even come off the track, causing further damage. Aside from the potential to damage your home, misaligned rollers can also make the door make excessive noise.

Caulking Cracks or Gaps in the Door

Your garage door stops may need to be adjusted or replaced if they have holes along the top and sides. The track bolts might need to be tightened or loosened if your stops appear to be flush with the door. One of the first steps in repairing your garage door is to identify the source of the problem. Next, look for cracks and gaps in the caulking. These can be easily repaired with a small amount of paintable caulk. You can buy a tube of this caulk at a home improvement store. To apply it to the crack, cut the tip of the tube to the correct width and then spray enough to cover it.

Damaged Cables

If you are experiencing problems with your garage door, you might be able to tell if the cables are damaged by checking their length and fraying. Damaged cables can signify a larger issue, such as rust buildup. If you notice that your cables are broken, it is a good idea to contact a professional repair service.