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The Benefits of Buying a 713 Phone Number

Area code 713 is one of the United States’ original telephone area codes. It covers Harris County, Fort Bend, Montgomery, and Brazoria counties, along with Houston, Pasadena, Pearland, League City, Sugar Land, and the surrounding communities in Texas.

Local Presence

A local phone number is a great way to build customer trust. It is significant for businesses looking to expand into a new area. For instance, buy 713 phone number that can help you grow your business more successfully if you run a Houston-based business and want to connect with clients elsewhere in Texas.

In addition, having a local number shows that you are a part of the community and care about your customers. A local presence can also lead to higher customer conversion rates, as customers are more likely to call companies they know.

Grow your business with local numbers by purchasing them in bulk today. Instant activation means using your local business numbers immediately, requiring no extra equipment. It makes it easier than ever to connect with your customers.

Increased Caller ID Recognition

If someone in the Greater Houston area receives a call from a 713 number, they will instantly recognize it and trust your business more than if they received a call from any other number. It helps to boost response rates from cold calling campaigns and encourages customers to call back.

The popularity of area code 713 is attributed to its strong association with the Houston region, known for its diverse culture and events. The area code has also become a popular reference in pop culture, with one of the most famous examples being the line from the movie Friday Night Lights: “I’m from 713, what’s yours?”

To grow your business in Greater Houston, you can get a local area code like 713, 281, or 832. You can even get a virtual phone number with a recognizable area code, such as a 713 virtual number, which provides PBX features like call forwarding, auto-reply text messaging, and more at affordable rates. Plus, all plans have instant activation and 100% in-house customer support.

Lower Call Costs

Getting a 713 phone number is an excellent way for businesses to build brand credibility, improve on-the-go productivity, and reduce call costs. You can choose from various virtual number plans and carriers to suit your business needs.

Area code 713 is associated with the Houston region, Texas’s well-known business and cultural hub. The area code has a wide-ranging geographic coverage and is also recognizable in popular culture.

For small businesses looking to grow their presence in the Houston area, a 713 number is an excellent option. It gives local customers a sense of authenticity and encourages them to pick up the phone when they see your caller ID.

With a 713 phone number, you can receive calls on any device, including your smartphone or tablet. You’ll get powerful standard PBX features, intuitive software, affordable pricing, and fantastic customer support. 


One of the most critical concepts for small business leaders to consider is scalability. This term is often used to refer to technological systems, but it can also be applied to a company’s ability to adapt to changes. It can include growth, expansion, and even changes in marketing campaigns.

When businesses look for ways to grow, they usually focus on increasing revenue and decreasing costs. However, it’s just as crucial for a company to adapt to changing market demands. It is where scalability comes in and can be achieved by purchasing 713 phone numbers.

Whether you need to expand your business in Houston or want to show local presence, buying area codes 713, 281, and 832 numbers has many benefits. These virtual phone numbers can be used anywhere, with instant activation and no extra equipment required. Powerful standard PBX features like call forwarding, voicemail, and multiple extensions are included, as well as affordable billing and fantastic customer support. 

Virtual Numbers

When customers call your business, they expect to be able to reach someone. Sending calls to voicemail is a poor user experience and can result in lost revenue. Depending on availability, a virtual number allows you to route calls to a team member or mobile device. This way, clients and customers can still reach you when your team is at work, in meetings, or out of the office on a field trip.

In addition, you can also use a virtual number to set up a call center or make your company easy to find for local and international audiences. Vanity numbers are available in various styles, including words and phrases like 1-800-DOG-FOOD or 1-888-GET-KALE that are easy to remember. You can even get a toll-free number for your business by adding SMS or voice response features.

A 713 phone number can help your business grow by providing a local presence, increasing brand recognition, and driving inbound leads. Combined with VoIP telephony and a digital phone system, it offers improved on-the-go productivity, lower call costs, and better scalability than traditional PSTN-based telecommunication carriers.