The Benefits of Mandrel Bend Solutions for Custom Exhaust Systems

Mandrel bend solutions are an excellent choice for custom exhaust systems. They keep flow volume in the pipe and free up engine power to generate more torque and horsepower.

Traditional “Press Benders” lose about 25% of the volume in a bend, which limits exhaust flow. A mandrel bend maintains the original diameter of the tube, keeping flow volume and power.


Airflow through the mandrel bend system is critical to improving fuel economy and engine performance. The mandrel bending process maintains a constant diameter throughout the pipe, eliminating the potential for backpressure or decreased performance.

Another benefit of mandrel bending is that it does not wrinkle or break the tube, allowing for smooth arcs and no flat spots. It also prevents the formation of entrapments that can cause corrosion.

Unlike press bending and roll bending, mandrel bending leaves no deformations in the pipe, which is essential for preventing damage to the interior of the tubing. It also creates a tighter radius, which can improve the efficiency of your exhaust system.

An excellent way to find a quality shop that can do custom exhaust systems is to search for one with a mandrel bender. These benders are more expensive than traditional bending machines, but they produce better results and are usually cheaper in the long run.

For example, the team has a mandrel bending machine and can produce high-quality, precision-made pipes for your vehicle. The team can also make custom bends in any length of the line to match your specific requirements, resulting in a seamless system.

In addition to the flow benefits, custom exhaust systems can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. They’re designed to remove exhaust gases from the engine more quickly and efficiently, so your engine can breathe freely and perform at its best.


A custom exhaust system is more than just a way to set your vehicle apart. It’s also a personal touch that sets the tone for your car, giving it a personality and making it stand out on the street.

The ideal option for custom exhaust systems is a mandrel bend solutions, which guarantees high velocity and flow while minimizing system constraints. Compared to crush-bent exhaust tubing, which restricts airflow by limiting the width of the bent sections, this increases engine horsepower.

Unlike traditional press benders, which lose the pipe’s volume in the bend, a mandrel pipe bender retains the original diameter to maintain its flow volume and power – and that’s why it can be up to 2 times more potent than standard “crush” benders.

This procedure also prevents turbulence which can be detrimental to the performance of your engine. It reduces the force of friction between the gases in your pipes and the walls, which can cause the engine to consume more fuel.

In addition, mandrel bending is more precise and accurate than other methods of bending stainless steel. This allows the bending process without damaging the material, resulting in a smoother bend without wrinkling or breaking the tube.


Mandrel bend solutions for custom exhaust systems improve your vehicle’s performance by allowing consistent airflow and freeing up engine power to deliver more torque and horsepower. They also add a stylish touch to your car and help it look better.

If you’ve ever tried to blow air through a straw, you know how important it is for the tube to be cylindrical. If the line isn’t, it will make it hard for the gas to escape. This will hurt your fuel economy and lead to material failure and a system breakdown.

To ensure the best results, mandrel bending uses a technique that puts a steel rod inside the tube as it is being bent. This enables the box to be turned without wrinkles or breaks, which can cause damage to the line.

Another benefit of this bending method is that it produces a straight pipe with no bumps or abrupt direction changes at the pipe’s end. This is important for maintaining the proper airflow throughout the system and can significantly improve fuel economy.

Crushed bends on factory-made exhaust systems decrease the diameter of the pipes in the bent sections, slow exhaust gas flow, and restrict their ability to exit your vehicle. On the other hand, a custom exhaust system has mandrel bends that have a consistent diameter. This is the most efficient way to get the most out of your engine’s capabilities.


Mandrel bends are a great solution for custom exhaust systems. They help maintain a constant diameter to promote consistent exhaust flow, which allows the engine to produce more horsepower and torque.

Most factory-made exhaust systems use “crushed bends” to shape their pipes. These decrease the pipe’s bent sections, slowing the exhaust gas flow as they travel through the system.

A sound custom exhaust system uses mandrel bends instead of crushed bends. This allows the engine to produce more horsepower and torque because it is free to work without having to deal with decreased exhaust flow due to reduced diameters in the bends of the pipes.

These mandrel bends are typically made from austenitic stainless steel, which will not pit or rust. This metal combines high strength with medium corrosion resistance, which makes it ideal for automotive exhaust applications.

The mandrel bends and then TIG welded to provide lasting durability and value. This process ensures that your custom exhaust system will last for the life of your vehicle and improve its performance.

The best custom exhaust systems are made from high-quality materials and are designed for the highest level of performance. They also enhance the appearance of your vehicle. You’ll get a smooth and powerful sound with an aggressive, unique style that you’ll be proud to show off.