The Benefits of Recreational Reloading Brass – Why You Should Consider It

Whether you’re an avid shooter or just interested in gun ownership, there are many benefits to reloading your brass. It’s a great hobby and can save money while improving your ammo.

One of the most common reasons shooters reload their brass is to save money. They also like tending to their load and making ammo match their needs.

Have Fun

A lot of people enjoy the fun and thrill of shooting. It’s excellent exercise and a fantastic way to spend time with loved ones.

But if you want something more enjoyable, consider buying recreational reloading brass. This type of brass is typically cheaper than new brass and is commonly available at shooting ranges.

When reloading, several steps must be taken to prepare the brass. These steps include cleaning the brass, priming it, and adding powder.

First, you must clean the brass using a tumbler or hand. You’ll also need a primer tool and bullet die for your reloading caliber. Next, you’ll need to add the correct amount of powder and then seat the bullet. You can do this with a press, but it’s faster and more accurate to do it by hand.

Save Money

If you have the time and expertise to do it correctly, reloading brass can significantly save costs. Using new cases instead of buying them can cut your reloading costs by as much as one-third or more, depending on the caliber and type of ammunition you’re reloading.

Reusing casings can also reduce the number of empty containers you must sort through when loading a cartridge. Many ranges police their areas for unwanted cases that can be sold to reloaders, so it’s good to be aware of this when you’re at the range.

Once you’ve gathered up your casings, cleaning them before resizing and loading them into a case is essential. Tumbling them with media, such as corn cobs or walnut shells, is the least expensive way to achieve this out of all the options.

Save the Environment

The benefits of recreational reloading include stretching your ammunition budget a little further. Spending time with friends and family and honing your gunsmithing skills is also fun. The reloading process is not for the faint of heart, but if you have patience and a bit of willpower, you’ll be well on your way to creating some of the best shells around. The best part is that the process is fun, and the resulting shots can be reused repeatedly. So if you’re looking to get in on the brass-making fun, consider starting a reloading club or joining a local range to meet like-minded people who share your enthusiasm for the finer things in life.

Make Your Ammo Better

Developing and loading your ammo is a great way to improve your shooting experience. It will inspire you to learn more about ballistics and your gun and ammunition, and you’ll often become a much better shot.

However, it does require a certain level of skill to develop a load that will be safe and reliable. If you’re starting, this can be a considerable time commitment.

Reloading ammo can be a lot of work, and the cost of tools and components can add up. If you’re getting into reloading for the first time, start with something affordable and straightforward.

Reloading presses are available, from cheap single-stage models to massive progressive presses. You’ll also need some precision measuring tools and brass prep tools.