The Signs of a Leaky Roof

You never know when a leaky roof might show its head. In fact, it’s not the roof that’s vulnerable to a leak, but all areas of your home can suffer damage if you don’t keep an eye out.

You may not even notice a leak until the damage is already done. That’s why we’ve put together this post to show you the signs of a leaky roof.

That way, you don’t have to wait for the worst to happen. You can take action before potential damage to your property does occur.

Keep reading to learn more about what to look out for to spot a roof leak from a mile away.

Discolored Ceiling Paint

Water that seeps in from the exterior of a building can cause the paint to become discolored, as the paint absorbs the moisture. If left unattended, the paint may become patchy, stained, or discolored in some way.

Discoloration may start out in one section of the ceiling but can spread in the form of yellow or brown spots. It can also form an undulating pattern resembling someone splashing water on the ceiling in a specific shape or pattern. 

Musty Smell

The musty smell that is found in damp areas may appear to be coming from the roof, attic, or ceiling. If the roof is leaky, there is a likelihood that it has caused damage to the insulation and ventilation of the roof and surrounds.

Also, wet and moist conditions associated with a leaky roof can cause mold growth, which can be hazardous to health. Staying on top of identifying the warning signs of a leaky roof is crucial in keeping your house healthy and safe.

Sagging Roof Surfaces 

If the roof is sagging and not supported by an interior structure, then chances are water is seeping in from the roof, saturating the roof boards, and creating a sag. The sag may become more noticeable from within the home and can reveal brown water marks or even buckling or peeling ceiling or wallpaper.

If you look at the roof from the outside, you may notice buckling or warping of the shingles. If you suspect a leaky roof, it is important to have an experienced roofer come. Take a look at this website https://www.roofitforward.com/roswell-ga and contact one of their professionals today to help assess the situation and ensure a tight, leak-free roof!

Curling or Torn Shingles

These signs can occur when the shingles do not fit against each other or when the tar paper underneath starts to wear away. Curled shingles can let rain, snow, and ice enter through the tiny fractures or gaps between them, leading to water damage below. Torn shingles may show a more serious issue; a dislodged layer or piece of the roof, fallen debris, or animal damage.

In either case, having the problem addressed as soon as possible is of the utmost importance. Inspecting your roof on a regular basis is crucial so that the damage can be spotted and fixed before more expensive roof repair is required. 

How to Detect a Leaky Roof

Signs of a leaky roof can vary from small and spotted to more difficult to find. Reach out to a contractor or roofer to make sure your roof is in good condition and safe. Don’t wait! Inspect your roof today and protect your biggest asset!

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