What Are the Different Types of Gun Licenses?

Are you looking to get your first gun? Do you want to learn more about what you need to do to legally own and carry a gun?

If so, you need to research the different types of gun licenses before making a purchase. It’s important to get your gun license through the right channels so you can carry your gun without breaking the law.

See below for information on what you should know about the different types of gun licenses that are available to purchase.

Concealed Carry Permits

There are a variety of different gun licenses available, depending on the state you live in. For instance, some states require gun owners to have a license to own or carry a gun.

Concealed carry permits are a type of gun license that allows gun owners to legally carry their firearms in a concealed fashion. To obtain a concealed carry permit, different states have different laws and requirements.

Generally, these permits require a background check and proof of proficiency in gun handling. Applicants must also demonstrate a compelling reason for needing a concealed carry permit.

Common reasons include self-defense, hunting, or concealed carry for a specific profession. Concealed carry permits generally come with restrictions, so it is important to research the laws in your state prior to applying.

Hunter’s Permits

Hunter’s permits or hunting licenses are a type of gun license that is required to purchase and operate a firearm for hunting. They are typically valid for twelve months and vary from state to state in the U.S.

Generally, hunting licenses require a safety course to be completed, such as hunter education, and a fee to be paid. A hunter’s permit allows individuals to hunt lawfully on public and private land.

It may also be necessary to obtain certain tags or permits to hunt certain species of game, like deer or waterfowl. 

Purchase Permits

Purchase permits are a specific type of gun license that grants the bearer the right to purchase a firearm from a particular jurisdiction. These permits are generally issued at a local level by a government or administrative agency.

The details of these permits vary from state to state. In order to obtain these permits, applicants must pay fees, complete certain forms, and attend a firearm safety test.

These permits may only be issued to individuals who are over the age of 18 and who have cleared a background check. Additionally, some states require permit holders to attend additional safety courses.

Outside of purchase permits, other common types of gun licenses include licenses to carry, conceal and transport firearms. These are generally state-issued documents that allow individuals to carry a firearm in public with specific restrictions.

Finally, some states provide permits for collecting firearms, which allow the bearer to possess certain types of firearms with minimal regulation.

Collector’s Permits

Collectors permits are a type of gun license that allows individuals to own and possess firearms for collecting purposes. Collectors’ permits allow individuals to purchase, transfer, and possess firearms and certain ammunition.

In some cases, these permits are issued to collectors who own firearms that are considered too valuable to be used as hunting or self-defense weapons.

Generally, these permits are only available to individuals with a serious interest in firearms or the history of the firearms industry. To obtain a collector’s permit, applicants typically must pass a background check and provide proof that they will use the weapon solely for collecting. Some states will also require that applicants take a safety evaluation or maintain a secure storage facility.

Open Carry Permits

Open carry permits are licenses that allow individuals to carry firearms openly. These permits differ from general gun licenses in that they allow for the carrying of a firearm in public view, while a general gun license only allows for transporting of firearms.

Open carry permits usually require a minimum age of 18, proof of residency in the state in which the permit is being issued, a passing score on a firearm safety test, and proof of completion of some type of firearms training course.

There are also states that require applicants to pass a background check and provide fingerprints. Depending on the state of the issue, open carry permits can also be used to obtain concealed carry permits.

Applicants must be aware that open carry permits may not be honored in all states and that local laws must be taken into consideration when carrying a firearm.

Federal Firearms License

The Federal Firearms License, commonly abbreviated as “FFL,” is a type of license issued by the U.S. government to individuals and businesses that need to engage in certain activities related to the manufacture or sale of firearms and ammunition.

This type of license can also be used by people who wish to purchase firearms that do not have a regular dealer, such as antique guns.

A Federal Firearms License also allows the licensee to buy firearms in other states and transfer them to the state where the license holder has a physical presence. 

Machine Gun License

A machine gun license is a completely different type of license used for the ownership of a machine gun. It’s often called a class 3 firearms license and grants an individual permission to own machine guns.

This license is the most difficult to receive and typically requires a background check and other licensing documents. Different states have their own application procedure, and some may require training and demonstrating proficiency in operating a machine gun.

Learn more about gun licenses to know which suits your needs.

Learn Different Types of Gun Licenses

Overall, the different types of gun licenses depend on your geographic location and the gun itself. Interested individuals should contact their local firearms agency to learn more about the various types of gun licenses.

With the right information and criteria, one can get the gun license needed safely and legally.

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