What Do Property Management Companies Do?

What if you could hire a team to manage your property?

Countless landlords today are turning to property management companies to handle the day-to-day stress of renting out places. But what do property management companies do, and how can they help landlords?

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to know about property management in Colorado.

Follows Landlord-Tenant Laws And Regulations

Property management companies are responsible for following landlord-tenant laws and regulations. This includes providing safe and habitable living spaces, timely and accurate rent payments, complying with local housing ordinances, and managing discrimination and evictions.

They also handle rental payments and any other associated financial transactions. Rental Property management companies are also expected to keep up with landlord-tenant laws and necessary documentation for tenants, landlords, and other parties. 

Acts As A Local Presence For Out-Of-Town Owners

Property management companies act as a local presence for out-of-town owners by taking care of tasks that would otherwise be difficult for them to manage from afar. This helps ensure that out-of-town owners are compliant with the local regulations.

In addition, property management companies offer advice on how an owner can obtain the best return on their investment. These services ensure that out-of-town owners have increased peace of mind while saving them time and energy in the process.

Handles Maintenance Requests

Investment property management companies are responsible for managing and maintaining a property for an owner. This includes handling maintenance requests from tenants or owners. When a tenant or owner sends in a maintenance request, property management companies will review the request to determine if it is valid or not.

They will also assess the cost of the request and determine if the cost is reasonable and within the budget of the owner. Property management companies are also responsible for ensuring that all maintenance requests are met in a timely manner to keep the property in peak condition.

Shows And Leases Vacant Units

Property management companies handle the process of showing and leasing vacant units. Most companies have a standard procedure for showing a vacancy. This typically begins with a one-on-one showing.

Agents walk through the unit with potential tenants, helping them visualize themselves living in the space. Agents also review the prospective tenant’s credit and background for any criminal activity or past rental issues that may disqualify them from renting the unit. 

Collects And Deposits Rent

Property management companies are responsible for collecting and depositing rents from tenants. They typically have processes in place to ensure that rent is paid on time and any problems arising are handled swiftly and professionally.

They may notify tenants when rent is due, collect late fees when necessary, and provide receipts for rent payments. They will then deposit the rental payments into the appropriate bank accounts.

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Learn What Do Property Management Companies Do

So, what do property management companies do? They offer a range of services, such as tenant placement, rent collection, maintenance management, and more.

By utilizing the benefits of these businesses, property owners can save time and money and have access to helpful resources.

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