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5 Highest-Paying Online Degrees To Pursue

The best thing about online degrees is that they’re flexible. Online degrees provide you with the same options as a traditional, college degree. More so, you could settle for the highest-paying online degrees while eliminating many costs associated with the traditional college setting.

The reason why many prefer this option is that many lack finances. Not everyone is open to the idea of attending college. More so, many others don’t want to relocate just to study a particular program.

Plenty of other reasons exist why a traditional college setting isn’t for you. While we won’t get into that, do know that you’ve got plenty of options to get a higher education.

One of those options is to go for an online degree. And in this article, we will look at some of the highest-paying online degrees to get. With all that said, let’s start.

Bachelor Of Business Administrator (BBA)

This is one of the highest-paying online degrees out there. An online Bachelor’s degree in Business Administrator can land you a pretty big paycheck. An online BBA degree will teach you about the fundamentals of running a business.

With a BBA, you can specialize in management, human resources, finance, marketing, operations, and supply chain management & logistics. The most successful career path with an online BBA degree is to become a CEO. Truthfully speaking, an online BBA degree is a far superior business degree. That’s because a BBA provides a clear path to a C-suite career.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

IT is on the rise. What’s best about it is that you can become an IT expert by taking online classes. You will need to do good in your online classes because the industry is extremely competitive. But if you’re good enough, then you can expect a career as a computer and information systems manager.

This title allows you to work in many IT fields. The online degree is so flexible that you could specialize in cybersecurity, computer programing, data processing, systems analytics, and many more. A career path as an IT manager is a very rewarding one. You will need time to get there but a senior IT manager earns a salary in the 90th percentile.

This is one of the most common online degrees that students pursue.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

If you’re particularly interested in architecture or engineering, then you can be a manager in either respective field. Both architecture and engineering provide you with a lucrative career. Online degrees that specialize in architecture and engineering are highly sought-after. The main reason is that many predict the field will grow by as much as 8% in the following years.

Architectural and engineering managers are tasked with planning, managing, and coordinating activities related to architecture and engineering. Most jobs in this field are for big engineering and architecture companies, in offices, and on construction sites.

A job as a manager in either field pays in the 90th percentile. You will need expert knowledge in subjects such as calculus, math, engineering, architecture, design, and have excellent people skills.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are tasked with managing and improving the ways we extract oil and gas. Considering that both oil and gas are indispensable for us, a petroleum engineer earns a salary in the 90th percentile. Similar names for this title include drilling managers, operations engineers, petroleum production engineers, and more.

An online degree in petroleum engineering requires in-depth mathematical skills, skills in computers and electronics. You’ll also need to be an expert on the topic of gas and oil. In addition, you’ll need to know how we extract gas and oil. But most importantly, you’ll need to come up with new and better ways to do it.

There is room for growth in this industry if you work on your administrative and management skills.

Financial Managers

A financial manager is a fancy name for lots of titles. These include bank managers, financial center managers, branch managers, regional managers, and similar titles that involve financially managing businesses. As a financial manager, your responsibilities will depend on the branch you plan on working in.

Fortunately, you can find online degrees that cater to every branch of financial management. These include banks, brokerage firms, credit departments, insurance departments, and more. A salary as a financial manager isn’t as high as the others. But work hard enough and you’ll earn a salary in the 90th percentile.

To do that, however, you will need to be well-versed in finance and work in financial institutions long enough. Certain skills are also required such as man-management skills, management skills, administrative skills. Higher knowledge in economics and accounting is a must, as well as maths and communication skills.

Finishing Thoughts

As online degrees get more and more accepted as valid academic degrees, we’re going to see a huge rise in online academics. The great thing about online degrees is that you can study anyplace you wish without needing to move, resettle, and live a much harder financial life by physically attending university.