6 Benefits of Living in the City

When it comes to your living situation, moving from a small town or the suburbs to a city or metropolitan area can be a huge adjustment. But, it can also be one of the most exciting, beneficial choices you make for your living situation.

Although living in the city is the preferred choice of over 80 percent of all Americans, is it right for you? If you’re on the fence, then keep reading to learn the six amazing benefits of living in the city that are sure to settle your decision. 

1. Easy Access to Public Transportation

An obvious benefit of living in the city is that you’ll have more access to a variety of public transportation. Most cities and metropolitan areas have bus routes, metro systems, and plenty of taxi drivers.

2. More Job Opportunities Available 

Companies more often than not have their corporate offices located in skyscrapers in a downtown area. As such, there are frequently more job opportunities available in cities.  

3. More Opportunities for Recreation

Often, cities have dedicated parks and green spaces where families can play with their young children, dog owners can walk their furry friends, and anyone can enjoy recreation.

Moreover, the same city park that you go to for recreation may also be host to free, community-led yoga or Tai-Chi classes, meaning that you’ll have frequent free activities available to you. 

4. You’ll Always Be Close to the Airport 

If you often travel for work, then having a short commute to and from an airport is convenient. Not only is it easier, but you’ll also save money by paying less for public transportation or by expending less car fuel.

5. Better Access To Healthy Foods 

When living in a small to middle-sized town, you may have to drive fifteen to thirty minutes or even longer to get to a grocery store that carries healthy foods. But, when you live in a city like St. Louis, you only have to walk mere steps to find healthy foods as there are fresh fruits and vegetables available on virtually every corner. 

6. Many Dining Options to Discover 

When living in St. Louis and similar cities, there are an endless amount of authentic restaurants for you to discover. In fact, you could live in one of the city lofts at Paddy O’s for years before you discover food establishments like St. Louis’s favorite authentic Irish pub, McGurk’s. All it takes is a sense of adventure and willingness to explore to find your next favorite restaurant in the city.

To learn more about life living in the lofts at Paddy O’s, check out this link. 

Is Living in the City Right for You?

Although a large number of Americans currently live in cities, living in the city may or may not be for you. But, if you prefer things such as having better access to public transportation and healthy foods, then moving to a city like St. Louis may be in your near future. 

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