How to Throw the Best Weed Party Ever

As of right now, weed is recreationally legal in 18 states. In fact, the House of Representatives recently passed a bill of decriminalization which will also expunge previous weed-related convictions if it gets through the Senate.

With all this good news for weed enthusiasts, why not learn how to throw a weed party to celebrate? Keep reading to find out more.

Crafting Invitations

The first step to planning a weed party is to decide how to invite everyone. There are a few options, including:

  • Printed invitations
  • Homemade invitations
  • Social media invitations
  • Email invitations
  • Invitations by phone call
  • Invitations by text message

On the invite, make sure to include all the important information about the party. It should have your name, the theme, the date, the time, the location, and a contact number or email.

Types of Weed to Serve

Deciding on the types of weed to serve at a weed themed party is one of the most important factors. Indicas will keep the party chill and relaxed, while sativas inspire a more lively atmosphere. The best weed party will have indicas, sativas, and hybrids all present to give partygoers a choice. 

To prepare for the party, head down to your local dispensary. Professionals at companies like Harvest can give you further recommendations on specific strains for weed party favors.

Mechanisms of Ingestion

The method of weed ingestion is the second most important decision. Although edibles are delicious, they can be really overpowering for some people. If presenting edibles, choose low THC content options. 

Instead, offer an array of smoking apparatuses. Lay out some vapes, bongs, bowls, dab rigs, joints, and blunts. You should also have a few ashtrays out and readily available.

Prepare Activities

What will your guests do other than smoke and eat? It’s a good idea to plan some fun activities to get everyone together. You might prepare some games like Cards Against Humanity to encourage guests to mingle with one another. 

Plan a Playlist

There’s no better way to set the mood than to craft the perfect playlist. Song choices should also fit in with the theme of the party and the people in attendance. You don’t want to play rock n’ roll for a hip hop crowd.

One idea is to create a playlist of weed-related songs. Virtually every musical genre has at least a few songs about this magical plant.

Provide Food

Last, but not least, it’s essential to have a wide variety of delicious snacks for when the munchies inevitably set in. Make sure to have something for every taste bud — especially sweet, salty, or savory snacks. 

Make sure the smoking table is far away from the food table, so no one ashes on the goods.

How to Throw a Weed Party With Style

Figuring out how to throw a weed party isn’t difficult — doing so with style is a bit more complicated. It requires knowing your audience, and being a great host can be a difficult job. For the best outcome, brainstorm ideas and collect some recommendations during the planning process.

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