A High School Student’s Guide to Writing a Resume

For high school students, one of their main focuses is preparing for college. There are long days (and nights) doing assignments, studying for tests, and ensuring their grades are top-notch. Another aspect they need to start preparing for is the world of employment. It’s not something many think about because they’re living at home. But as they get older, they’ll want […]

7 Major Benefits of Going to School Online

Nearly 16 million students register for college every year. A large amount of these students have chosen to attend school fully online.  The past few years have given colleges and universities the chance to perfect their online learning platforms, making it a popular choice for many learners even as we enter the post-pandemic world. If you are trying to decide between schooling […]

Prioritizing Proper Work and Life Balance for Employees

Did you know that entrepreneurs start over 600,000 businesses in the United States each year? Not every business goes on to thrive, however. It’s no secret that a profitable business relies on happy and healthy employees. What many employers don’t realize is that a large factor in keeping employees happy and healthy is maintaining a proper work and life balance. […]