Getting Into Your Top Program: Your How-To Guide

It can feel like the program that you choose as a teenager must dictate the rest of your life and career, but it doesn’t. Not only can you change tracks later, but there are also so many ways that you can focus your education with further training. You have the freedom to go back and redefine yourself as many times as it takes, meaning you can also postpone making huge decisions right off the bat.

Therefore, whether you finally know what it is you want to do, or you are still trying to figure out what your passion is, when you are ready, use this advice to get into the program that will help you gain this career.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take a Gap Year

If you don’t know what’s right for you, don’t force it. You can take a foundation degree or just a few courses at a community college to help you understand your interests. If you do take a gap year, however, it’s important that you use it wisely.

You can travel and learn about yourself, but do that while also taking on some online courses. You should also aim to apply for internships, traineeships, and other programs that help you try new things, learn more about yourself and build up your resume.

Consider Transferring In

If you don’t immediately get into your top program, then know you can transfer later on. Transfer acceptance rates are quite high, which means that you can get started with your education and later on move into the program you want. Keep in mind you can transfer later on even if you didn’t initially plan on it. Trying out a degree and realizing it isn’t for you is normal, and universities will work to accommodate you.

Just as you had to apply that first time, however, you’ll also need to apply to transfer. Only this time, you’ll also use your current university grades. If you don’t know them, you can calculate them. lets you calculate your GPA based on the courses you are on and the university you attend, including the University Of South Carolina-Columbia (USC).

This gives you a specific GPA to use to help you with your application process. The site also has a robust list of average GPA and SAT scores of current students, so you can then compare your GPA with the average, to understand more clearly your chances of getting accepted elsewhere.

Apply Early and Stand out

If you are not transferring, you will want to ensure that you make early admission. This is a fantastic way to stand out on its own but to ensure that your early application catches the eye of those assessing them, ensure there is plenty on it that details how you are different.

Education is more than grades, and the same applies to your application. You’ll want to go beyond your scores. Look into volunteering, interning, competing, and joining clubs or societies, but remember, everyone else will be trying this, so try to be creative with this as much as possible. You will need to go above and beyond in order to get a great first job after you graduate, so start now.

Try to win awards, get great work experience either working or even as part of your society, and use that towards your application (and, later on, your job hunt). This extra effort will help you learn more about yourself and give you a great skill set to help you really start chasing your dream.