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Moving Into Your New Home: 6 Tricks To Know Before You Pack

Whatever your reason for moving, part of the downsizing process entails getting rid of things you don’t need and making sure everything has a place in your new home; in other words, a lot of serious decluttering. First, make a to-do list for moving day. You might scribble it on some paper. Or on your phone and check off items as you do them. Some tasks are apparent, like packing and loading the moving truck, but others may need to be noticed or remembered. A final walkthrough will help you see which items you still need to pack. If you are a tenant, you should leave your keys with the landlord before you move out. Here are some tactics that could be useful. 

Preparing for a Long-Distance Move

Long-distance moving requires careful planning and organization. It is vital to take inventory of your belongings and list everything that you want to take with you. It is also important to label each box with its contents clearly. Labeling every box will help you track it during transportation.

Before you pack, ensure you have enough time to complete the move. A long-distance move involves many time zones, a new climate, and a new way of life. If you have to leave your home on short notice, it is essential to allow extra time for the adjustment period. You can start with your storage rooms, such as the study, and shift your work to the living room or bedroom. A good thing about moving is that companies are offering moving services like the moving services golden valley mn. It would be easier for you, plus there are a lot of benefits if you hire one.


One of the most complex categories to purge is family photos. These can take a lot of time. If you can, work on them in the morning. You should sort each item by a family member. Create a box for memorabilia for each family member. When you’re done, you’ll have a much simpler time packing.

Another way to get rid of items before you pack is to purge. This is the process of getting rid of old items, and You will spend much less on them. Shipping and moving expenses. You’ll also be freeing up space in your new place.

Take Inventory of Your Belongings

Before you begin packing, take an inventory of all of your belongings. It can aid in recalling your possessions. And what you need to leave behind. This step is crucial if you are moving soon. You should record valuables, sentimental items, and any money you own. You can photograph your possessions as well.

Creating a home inventory is a great way to organize your household and limit unnecessary purchases. It can also help you find valuable possessions and limit your expenses. This simple process can be performed for every room in your home.

Label Boxes

Before packing boxes, it is essential to list what’s inside each box. This will help you quickly identify which items belong where. It would help if you labeled each box with the room it belongs in. You will be able to do so to quickly put items in the new place. This step is crucial if you’re moving to a new city.

Choosing a color for each box can make it easier to identify the contents inside. For example, blue tape is appropriate for kitchen boxes, yellow for bathrooms, and violet for bedrooms. The color-coded tape will also make it easier for local Brooklyn movers to know where your boxes are.

Avoid Forgetting People

If you are planning to move house, you must ensure you’ve informed the relevant people of your new address. This includes friends and family who live near your new house, but you should also notify friends and family members who live far away. If you have children, you may also need to change their schools.

Moving can be stressful, especially if the move is sudden. People are likely to lose track of essential documents, making it very difficult to find them when needed. So, collecting essential documents such as employment, motor vehicle documents, and financial records is crucial. You’ll also want to collect your children’s school records and birth certificates.

Store Items in the Garage

It is essential to declutter the garage and sort out keeper items when moving. Put them in clearly labeled boxes and organize them so they will be easy to find. The remaining items can be donated or sold at a garage sale. If you can’t sell them, consider using a service such as Bagster to pick up the trash for a fee.

The garage is a convenient place to keep a lot of things. But certain items don’t belong in the garage and should be stored elsewhere. These items can end up being a danger to your safety and may get damaged.